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After a pilgrimage to the small hamlet of Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia where the Blessed Mother of Jesus is appearing, two men who have been best of friends from their youth were blessed with Divine communication from Jesus and His Virgin Mother. From the very first moments, these two men began recording their mystical experiences and the heartfelt conversations that ensued between themselves and the Hosts of Heaven.

In the early morning hours of February 22, 1991, on the 60th anniversay of Our Lord's appearance to Sister Faustina who recorded a mystical Diary bearing a message of His Divine Mercy, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary unfurled Her beautiful intercession for the initiation of another Diary by speaking audibly to Timothy in the middle of the night, saying,

Thursday, February 22, 1991    2:45 a.m.
"My forceful one, we have just begun. My Son is with you..."

Timothy was astonished beyond imagining and immediately called his best friend, William, to relate what had just happened and to seek his support. In those moments, William, too, received an interior locution that powerfully wiped away any doubts about what his best friend was telling him through his tears.

"You have always trusted him. He has never failed you. Believe him now!"

On February 23, William called a Roman Catholic priest who was a personal spiritual mentor at the time, although he lived some distance away. He instructed them to pray deeply and attend their responsibilities as Catholics with fervent honesty. This reverend Father also asked William whether he was diligently recording all that was unfolding. Likewise, Timothy spoke to his hometown priest who instructed him to proceed with peace and confidence. So for the next 28 days, these two childhood friends united in prayer, receiving extraordinarily personal messages and meticulously recording the profound mystical experiences and interior visions that continued unabated each day. On Friday, March 22nd, the one month anniversay of Our Lady's first words to them and as a part of that day's revelation, the Holy Virgin said,

Friday, March 22, 1991
"Today, I have bestowed a gift to share upon an obedient child who rests in good favor, one among you to whom I will return on the days of Sabbath, Feast, and those made Holy."

With anxious anticipation, Timothy and William awaited the Sabbath of Palm Sunday which was arriving in the ecclesial calendar just two days later. As that day came, they felt compelled to pray in the Catholic cemetery in their hometown of Ashland, Illinois. They knelt with their Rosaries to offer their petitions just before 3:00 p.m. at the foot of a large stone crucifix in the center of the cemetery which is located just outside the small village. Before completing two decades of the Joyful Mysteries with the sun shining brightly, a huge bank of clouds suddenly came toward them across the sky from the northwest and stopped in front of the afternoon sun.

* - The above pictures of the cemetery are not intended to display anything miraculous.

At that instant, Timothy proclaimed, "Billy, I can see Her! I can see Her with my eyes open! She is standing in the sky!," and he began to cry at the overwhelming nature of the heavenly scene. William turned his gaze toward where his friend was pointing and he saw a spectacular portraiture of sunrays beaming through the clouds which strikingly resembled a textured, streaming garment flowing down out of the sky.

Timothy asked his friend relentlessly whether he could see Our Lady also saying, "She is standing in the sky, just like a human-being standing up there! Can't you see Her? She is right there, looking down at us!," pointing skyward as if anyone should be able to see Her. When William said that he could not see what he was witnessing, Timothy pleaded, "Billy, just ask Her! She will let you see Her! Just ask Her!" So, William lifted a prayer, and suddenly the heavens took shape and the Mother of God appeared standing on the clouds with Her arms extended at Her sides. He could not see Her face because the sun was positioned behind Her head with its countenance enveloping Her body. Her gown was the beautiful pleated clouds flowing out around Her and bathing the sky, although it was interesting to note that what Timothy was seeing as flesh and blood reality, William was seeing as a choreagraphy of clouds and light.

As the two friends continued their prayers of the Holy Rosary, suddenly a huge angel with a wingspan wider than ten football fields appeared and assumed a positon above and behind Our Lady as if standing in protection of Her. William queried his friend whether the scene in the heavens was of the same miraculous cloud-and-light nature as he was seeing it, to which Timothy responded, "No, She is a real person who is standing in the sky on a cloud; and the angel is real too!"

As they began the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, the Face of Jesus Christ materialized in the firmament next to the Holy Mother. It was an overwhelming experience as later related by the two of them. His Countenance was powerful and piercing, leaving them both wanting to bow as low to the ground as possible before His mightiness. Upon continuing the Sorrowful Mysteries with even greater intensity, a huge ring of clouds formed below Our Lady, intricately resembling a crown of thorns. At the completion of the Sorrowful Mysteries, both Jesus and Our Lady disappeared, the sparkling nature of the cloud dissipated and a bleak dullness fell across the sun. The cloud bank then proceeded to traverse the sky toward the southeast, completely disappearing from view by the completion of the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. From this day forward, Our Lady appeared visually by apparition.

Later that same evening, Our Lady once again came to them during their prayers with Her 30th message; one which glorified the miraculous graces that were dispensed on this Sabbath afternoon.

Palm Sunday - March 24, 1991
"My dear children, your Heavenly Mother has come to you today to shower Her rays of Love down upon those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior, anchor, and steadfast harbor. Many loving hearts for Jesus sent great flowers to My Immaculate Heart, today. I have brought the Face of My Son to show the conviction of His Love and My Love for those who have opened their hearts to Him. My special children, many of your brothers and sisters see their relationship with Jesus as though they are passing in the night on the waters. Jesus is the only vessel, the captain, the level to be sought for sanctity and harbor. Your love for Jesus and for each other cannot pass in the night, but must be dayborn and lighted, spoken and felt, and heard to be received. My little ones, there are those who are spinning themselves into a cocoon to shut Jesus out of their lives, an act that will not result in beautiful flight. Pray, children, that your spins will be outward and upward, so that the beauty in you can be free on its day of release as on its heartfelt day of conception, that of the admission of Jesus in your hearts.

Oh, My little lambs, your special thoughts, wishes, and prayers are always heard in Heaven! When you are letting Love move your spirit, you will always move and change the shape of Heaven. I pray for you, little ones, so that you can change the shape of Heaven to allow room for your souls! My Love comes to you in many ways, not all of which you readily see or hear. Please know, children, that each new day, you see the Light of God as a blessing to you and it is the Will of My Son that you see very much Light in your lives. My Son makes His Face shine upon those in His Heart and I come around all of My special children who have the hope of Eternal Life in their hearts. I pray that you will be a leader and a receiver of the Light of the Love of My Son. Thank you for praising Him. Thank you for having responded to My call."

During Holy Week, the maternal relationship between Our Lady and the two men deepened as the mystical phenomena continued with renewed revelation. There was confidential personal instruction, along with interior visions and prophecy which is recorded in their diary record of the events. On Good Friday, the two privately prayed the Stations of the Cross at a nearby Franciscan convent which maintained outdoor stations. Again, they experienced miraculous confirming phenomena related to their growth in the faithful acceptance of these supernatural encounters by the Queen of Heaven. It was late in the evening when Our Lady dispensed the 31st message to them since the inception of Her grace on February 22, the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter. Good Friday is a day recognized as Holy by the declaration and tradition of the Catholic Church.

In seeming uninterrupted fashion, the interior mystical relationship continued with both men, each in their own personal intimate way with our Heavenly Mother. Two days later on the High Feast of Easter, William was called by Our Lady to specifically attend his family at their gathering and celebration of Easter dinner. As a result of the disconcerted nature of the familial relationships regarding their claims of miraculous intercession, Timothy travelled to the cemetery where his parents were buried to pray for the souls of the departed, but returned after nightfall to join William in prayer and to receive Our Lady's 32nd message.

Easter Sunday - March 31, 1991
"Dear little one, today I have called you here to be at one with yourself and one with Jesus in you. The Lord and Savior of the world has risen from His grave today so that all of His children can seek and attain Eternal Life in Heaven. Your heart, My child, has been under render lately. Many have been your trials and disappointments, and many more will there be. You must tell My other children, little lamb, of the rising of the sun and of My Son that you have witnessed on this day. I give you your rendered heart for you to share with My other children, especially with the special one whom you need to achieve My task for you.

Please remember that blessings are given to those who choose to accept and do the Will of God. There are many lost children in the world. Tell them, little one, that there is a bounty rich in joy and happiness in the offing by deciding to tender their hearts and souls to Jesus Christ! Tell them now, My lamb! Tell them that to be saved is to be at one, like you have become. Give them your new heart to feel and share. Show them how to love by showing them Love. All of My children can be loved by loving, can be trusted by showing trust, can be healed by healing, and can be blessed by giving blessings to others. Tell them, little child, that Light can be brought by being a lamp, peace can come to those who live in peace, and Salvation will come to those willing to share in the News of My Son's victory over death! Let all of My children know that Jesus can be received in His Eucharist. His body and Blood are His constant memory of His Life, Death, and Life. Little child, you must reflect Love as you see reflection of light off the shores. A shining star can be a beacon to many who will follow that lead to others. Please help My children fill the Earth with the twinkles of faith for Jesus in the way that the heavens twinkle in the reflection of the sun. Darkness can always be made to be greater light with an intensity of reflections for the Love of Jesus Christ. Your Heavenly Mother is veiled in happiness today because Jesus has conquered mortality to help you conquer mortality. Please tell My other children to pray and seek conversion, to remain as one body in prayer, to live and remember My messages, and to always keep hope during darkness and despair because of the Love given by your newly risen Savior, Jesus Christ. Become one, children, by praying as one and living the Love of God as one! Oh, little lamb, go home and tell your brothers and sisters that the world needs God more now than ever before! Many eyes are closed to the needs of the children of the world. Pray and work together, and feel passion for humanity as Jesus showed passion for humanity, through an unending Love for it. Let My children know that there can never be an emptiness to Love or an answer of no. Love is only yes to all which is good and right in the eyes of God. Children, touch the lives of others every day through prayer and the good use of your resources given to you by God. Your blessings and graces will be many. Jesus is risen, children, and alive! He is with you every day to help you live your lives, carry your crosses, and know that through Him you will be awarded the Kingdom of Heaven. I pray for you so that you will remain strong, healthy, happy, and full of Life and Love. On this special day of new beginnings for all My children, I share the hope of My Son that each heart will be open to allow Him to enter. Thank you for living your faith in Jesus and for keeping hope in your hearts through that faith. With the Love of Jesus, I bless each one of you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for having responded to My call."

One week later and after another week of daily mystical occurrences and personal conversations, Our Lady gave the 33rd general message on the Feast of Divine Mercy, April 7th, 1991.

Divine Mercy Sunday - April 7, 1991
"Dear children, the Mercy of My Son, Jesus, is the greatest power that you should seek for the consolation of peace, reconciliation, and the great source of power in the Plan of Eternal Salvation. The Mercy of Jesus is a Divine Mercy because it is of God and from God, given to those who are penitent and have the will to convert. My special children, your Heavenly Mother wishes that you would arrange your lives so that you can be made comfortable in your requests for the Mercy of My Son. The Mercy for which you seek is given to you because Jesus loves you, and He wishes that you love Him and each other while remembering the Passion which He suffered out of His Love for you. Bringing yourselves to the Adoration of Jesus and humbly asking for His pardon provides the graces through which you will be granted Mercy. All of the graces which you have received and will receive are from the Glorious and Divine Mercy of Jesus, who suffered and died for you on the Cross. My special children, it is the Plan of Jesus that you will accept Him so that your mortal lives can be made full of harmony, peace, and happiness, and that you will live your lives in the knowledge that the fulfillment of the Promise of Jesus is real and forever. The faith that you show, children, is the faith upon which your Eternity in Heaven is founded. You are only seeing your human side of Eternity, and it is God’s Plan that you be holy and happy with it. Life is a gift from God. Each of My children has been given a life to be lived for happiness out of love for Jesus and with the knowledge that His Mercy is all-powerful. You can depend on Jesus’ Mercy to rid you of guilt, sorrow, grief, and sadness. It is a redeeming and forgiving Mercy. My special children, the prayers which you raise today are heard. Your petitions and requests are given special and individual attention by My Son and by Me. I bid you all to remember the peace that is brought to your lives through the Passion of Jesus, His Love for each of you, and the peace that He brings to your lives. I pray for you, little ones, that you will always be in My prayers. I love each of you as My special children. My Motherly Love is very strong and open. My Heart will receive all of My children who come to receive it. Please remember, children, during this time, Easter time, that Jesus’ Passion and Mercy are your keys to happiness. Remember always that each prayer is received from each individual sincere heart and given holy promise and answer. Thank you for being My obedient children! Thank you for loving My Son, your Savior! I bless you in His Name every day! Thank you for having responded to My call."

It was noticed that our Blessed Lady did not give a message on Monday, March 25th, the traditional Feast of the Annunciation, which seemed to be in contradiction to Her declaration that She would return on Sabbath days, Feast days, and Holy days. But, since March 25th fell within Holy Week during this particular liturgical year, the Feast of the Annunciation was celebrated within the Church on Monday. April 8th. So, on the 8th of April, as promised, She appeared and said,

Monday, April 8, 1991
"My beautiful children, I have come in peace to where there is peace. Your Heavenly Mother has been attracted to the Light of your prayers on this night of Our Lord in the same way as your eyes are drawn to the stars above you. Children, it is today that we celebrate the Lord in His power to come to mankind as I have come to you. All over the world today, My special ones, followers of Jesus and His Word are remembering the beauty of Love between God and humankind, which is as beautiful as your hearts in the peace of this night. The Love that is being shared in prayer around My feet is reflected and sent to those in the world who need it to be close to My Son. As you kneel at My feet, little ones, I give each of you a special blessing in the Glory and honor of His Name. I ask that each of you pray today especially for the sanctity and beauty of human Life. It is a great gift from God, which is being destroyed and perverted all over the world! My children, everyday that your prayers are lifted helps to provide peace to other hearts and lives. The time which you spend in prayer is the most valuable use of it and the greatest effort of your energy. That is what makes this night so beautiful, children! It is beautiful because you are in it and you are praying in it! Your Mother is asking that you continue to pray that all of My children will say 'yes' to Jesus. I said 'yes' so you can say yes! I have asked some of My children to help lead you in walking in the beauty of My Son's Creation. You are surrounded by a freshly unfolding spring. Enjoy the beauty of nature as it is a gift for you and God's prayer for you as you pray to Him. Children, I ask that you remember the Passion of Jesus as this new season blooms. Remember your brothers and sisters and all of their suffering, and help them to be brought to prayer as you have been brought to prayer. I am with you today and always to give you My Love and the Love of Jesus. With all of the power of that Love, I bless each one of you, that you will know the fullness of peace. Thank you for being My obedient children and gathering in prayer with Me today. Thank you for having responded to My call."

Through the month of April and May, both Timothy and William participated in an ongoing miraculous relationship with the Queen of Heaven that is almost unheard-of within the mystical history of the Church. Our Lady gently opened the unseen to them in reflection of the measure of their growth in faith and their capacity to accept. Familial bonds were strained to the breaking point, but they remained steadfast in their claims, refusing to give-up the integrity of their witness to the work because of the proof that they had been given from the Holy Spirit of God.

On May 24th, the Holy Virgin spoke to William asking him to begin writing on particular themes that She would give to him. Thus, a new expanded dimension began.

"In the days to come,I ask that you help Me in the writing of many dissertations which will convert others and help them grow in faith."

From the moment of their initial occurrence, Our Lady's intercession to these two men was an object of much debate and division within the group of people that immediately surrounded them. Timothy and William were open and confident about their personal experiences as they were instructed by the Holy Virgin. But, those who lacked faith in their word became disturbed by the unprecedented nature of Her miraculous intercession and the mystical component surrounding it. Thus, this small group of individuals began to scandalize themselves, along with anyone whom they could convince to fall with them from belief in the events that were occurring. Amidst this unwarranted commotion, Our Lady was privately bolstering the conviction of Her two special sons with mystical guidance and an abundance of private miraculous signs which helped them endure the attacks on their character. Their detractors went so far as to take copies of Her messages thousands of miles across the ocean to Medjugorje for verification. But, Our Holy Mother responded saying,

Tuesday, June 8, 1991
"I am with you, My sons. I love you! Today, we will continue to pray together. You must be strong against the forces of evil. Do not take My messages to others for verification of authenticity. Not even other visionaries know how I come to do My Son's work. Together, you must be strong against this period of unbelief. Do you see why it is so difficult for your Heavenly Mother to help convert the world? Do you see why so many do not take My intercession seriously? My children, it is due to fear that you are required to change your lives to believe. It is too great a sacrifice for many. Please do not let anyone discourage you in your work. The difficulties which are coming were also faced by Jesus, but in much larger scope. Anything you suffer can be given as a gift to Jesus. It is suffering that will lead to the conversion of many."

As the disruption of others crescendoed and the attacks against Timothy and William became more aggressive, the Holy Mother took the details of Her intercession beneath Her protective Mantle by instructing them to begin a confidential state regarding Her mystical graces. Her intercession was to continue for the Glory of God and the future times when millions would believe. Henceforth and for a period of time, their relationship would be carried out with the knowledge of no others.

The change in their conduct in obedience to Her instructions brought enhanced derision upon them both, as they were attacked for not being open to the prying questions of those who only wished to scandalize others. Repeated attempts were made to separate one visionary from the other; groups were organized against them; and meetings were held to ostracize them.

Finally, nearly all of those who had previously gathered to pray with them over the two preceeding years chose a new course of disbelief and dissembled themselves instead, agreeing to meet at another location away from the mystical events. Undaunted, Our Lady continued Her motherly support by telling William,

Sunday, June 23, 1991
"My son, the morning is beautiful and so are you! Your worries are gone! I am with you today to bring your peace. The battle against Satan is still raging, but this will not inhibit My plan. All of My messages will come to you! Please remember the power of the union of you and your brother. There is much to be accomplished by your union. One day, the world will know by your example to seek God. Your peace will manifest peace. Remember that I love you always. I am with all of My children."

And from this newfound cloistered state of peace, uninhibited by the conjecture and misgivings of others, the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ opened the spectacular course for Her intercession whose initial phase culminated on February 22, 1997 with a nearly 1600-page Diary entitled "In Our Darkest Hour - Morning Star Over America," which intimately chronicles both the relationship that the Matriarch of Creation engaged with two of Her faithful sons and the spiritual guidance She generously dispensed during those initial six years.

From the readers of Morning Star Over America:

-a freelance journalist in southern Illinois:

"I have begun reading your testimony of the Virgin Mary.  To a nonreligious person such as myself, awareness of the ubiquitousness of such worldwide phenomenon causes one to rethink the true worth of his soul.  The writing appears not prose or text, but textualized music.  Despite repeated phrases, one does not tire of it but is drawn to read more.  I have never seen such work without attribution. It is all very curious and exciting to me.  As a secular person, I greatly appreciate the opportunity of insight provided by your fine work.  Its reiterated message makes a powerful salve for the wounds all of us acquire through life; its music soothes.  We are led to believe, we are indeed instructed, that the opus is dedicated to and expressly for the delivery of Mary’s message to a grieving or otherwise deadened world.  It is thus submitted anonymously, despite repeated first name references to the obvious copyright holders.  Yet, the mundane lives and efforts of its writers remain so profoundly obvious throughout, that the reader is led to root them on and hold them by the end of the book as heroic figures.  In the beginning, the reader is deluged with what at first appears excessively effusive hyperbole and redundancy, but in time a patient reader will discover that this is to reflect the trauma of the early experiences.  The development of the full dimensionality of the supernature of the intercession is cleverly written to the point of appearing real, if not in fact real.  Subsequent lessons by the apparition (i.e. Virgin Mary)  are so ingenious that even the most disbelieving reader must at the very least conclude these writers are no hacks, and that the work is great sacred literature.  The essential value of this book is found clearly where the writer comments how unique it seemed "...that God would allow Her to speak directly to me...But now, I realize that the doorway to Heaven is open to receive anyone..."  I consider the book to be a genius work.  While our media have hardened our besieged brains over the years with a relentless shower of violence and lust, here now is a book that will slowly, day-by-day massage in Love.  In the beginning, I would not have believed that I would still actually be enjoying it at this point, but I am.  This beautiful work should not seem daunting, yet there is whimsy in its challenge.  It should be taken as a problem posed as life.  To slowly, patiently, peel away its pages, each page rewarding the reader’s effort, is a lesson and spiritual exercise in itself."

-a Franciscan nun:

"Thank you for your wonderful book!  I am very happy that you thought of me, as I believe with all my heart that Our Holy Mother Mary is speaking to you.  God bless you."

" How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of Him who brings good news. My heart is filled with joy and awe at the reading of your book. I am touched deeply at every divine word written. How can I say thanks to all your yes's to Our Lady so the rest of us might live a more abundant life in Jesus and know many truths we have longed to hear. My love for Our Lady is deepening and also my devotion to Her. Her intercession is so profound. The tears stream from my eyes. I thank our Heavenly Father that I can share the blessings He pours out on you through Our Heavenly Mother. You have truly taken up the Cross of Love." 

"Your book is a treasure.  Precious moments that turn into precious hours when I read it.  Thank you for your wonderful book -  a work of tremendous love to God and His Holy Mother." 

"Thank you so much for the book.  I started reading it as soon as you left.  I can tell it is a winner!  It is so beautiful.  I have already experienced some of the joy in "Morning Star Over America."  I know what you mean by saying, "We cannot possibly imagine...""

"Thank you so much for permitting me to read the diary.  I found it very inspiring.  I hope I shall always remember, "The tree of Love grows on the bank of the river of suffering." and "The dove of peace is timid.  It will come and light upon you in your serenity and in the silence of a peaceful heart.""

"With the book, you have built the bridge; now it is up to all of us to walk across it.  God bless you!"