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I have seen your book, "Morning Star Over America," and I believe what you are claiming to be happening to be true. I am curious as to why the exact location of the apparitions is never disclosed in the book. Is there a huge crowd which forms to witness these miracles? Why have you chosen not to reveal the place where these manifestations are occurring so everyone can come to pray with you?

The work, "Morning Star Over America," is the gathering point for those wishing to pray in union with Our Lady in this particular intercession. The crowd that is forming to witness these miracles consists of the group of people who are sharing these experiences as they read through its pages from the quiet places in their homes. Everyone who is listening to the Virgin`s message throughout the world, and is trying to live it through prayer of the Holy Rosary, is praying with us, as we pray with them. One does not have to travel to a physical place to be close to Jesus and Our Lady. We all become one and meet in our hearts when Jesus is Eucharistically-Present in our souls.

It can also be stated that Our Lady would not have been able to complete such a work if huge crowds would have been allowed to form. It is much the same as cloistered souls in a contemplative order. "Morning Star Over America" is just the first volume of our Blessed Mother`s on-going intercession. Many issues arise in such a situation that would have detracted from the peace where this work has grown. It is our hope that it can mature to its fullest magnitude. In the future, this may consist of public recitation of the Holy Rosary with the seers. We will together see how the will of God unfolds.

Finally, the seers desire that the perspective toward Our Lady`s intercession, in their particular case, remains clear. The message and miracle is within each person, not at a given address on a street. Love is in us. The Eucharist is in the Tabernacles of the Catholic Church. That is the essential gathering point for all humanity.