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Has the Virgin Mary ever shown you a vision of Heaven or Hell? Has She ever spoken in specific about whether certain people have been saved?

Bill - "My soul has been elevated into the realms of Heaven by the grace of God during the intercession of our Holy Mother. In those moments, Heaven was not like looking at a physical city or place, as one would from a particular vantage point. It was like being shown every possibility that a human heart could ever envision or imagine, unfolding in a real and concrete way before my eyes. It was infinite, it was everything. I realize now that our hopes which are inspired by the Holy Spirit are actually visions of Heaven. We just do not "hope" in great enough dimensions in order to see Paradise very clearly. If our hope is only a tiny flicker, we will only have enough light to see the most minuscule portion of what Heaven encompasses.

As far as my experience with the bowels of Hell, I have not seen its dimensions in the same way as Paradise. But, I have smelled the nauseous stench, felt the unbearable heat, sensed the eternal desperation, encountered the bottomless hatred, and endured the relentless attacks from this place of abysmal failure. Our Lady has always told us to concentrate our focus on the things of Heaven.

On numerous occasions, She has told me whether certain people were in Heaven. But, the details of these events are to remain within our private conversations, for now. I will tell you, there are souls who have been granted Eternal Salvation whom the world would not forgive. Christ is so much more the Just Judge than any of us. And, thank goodness that He is. Every person, no matter how pitiable, must be encouraged to believe in the Mercy of Christ. We have rarely seen its likes on the Earth."