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I have noticed that your book ends in March 1997. Is that when the Virgin Mary stopped giving you messages? Is She still speaking to you every day? If so, has She ever told you when you will stop receiving messages?

The initial installment that you speak of which records Our Lady`s intercession was brought to conclusion because of the sheer size and magnitude of the work. It was important for the record of history to place this entire manuscript into a single release so that it would be considered as the foundation for Our Lady’s revelation as the Morning Star Over America. There is a deliberate construction and sequence to the unfolding of the work.

Our Lady’s revelation as the Morning Star Over America was completed on December 28, 2008 and consists of 12 works which are recognized on our web site. Her mystical intercession to Timothy and William is ongoing in a personal way as an example of the relationship that She wishes to engage with each of Her children. It is of note that Timothy and William were at liberty to cease their participation in their dedication to the sacrifice required to receive these works. Their service to Our Lady is their gift to humanity.

An important point to remember is that Our Lady is with every one of Her children at all times. She never leaves us unattended. She hears our every prayer, and will respond to our best spiritual advantage. Receiving a miraculous apparition or locution is not the measurement of whether Our Lady is close to a person. No one will ever stop receiving the Blessed Virgin`s presence in this life. That is one beautiful facet of the Message. She is standing next to the soul of each person, waiting for us to share our lives with Her. We must act like we know this truth.