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I am just now learning about the manifestation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Salvation of humanity. Why does not the Catholic Church talk more about the miracles which you are experiencing in their Masses, their local newsletters, and other ecclesiastical functions?

Bill - "The Catholic Church as a Body of faithful believers IS talking of the miracles that many of its members are experiencing. Evangelization is enlivened and advanced through the many charisms uniquely bestowed by the Holy Spirit upon the Church at any given point in history. The Catholic Church is made-up of more venues than those you have mentioned. In fact, the life of each person is a venue for the work of the Holy Spirit, and each person is encouraged to use their gifts for the building-up of the Body. There is abundant literature which exposes the mystical lives of the Saints for our spiritual nourishment. Each Pope has been very active in focusing the attention of the Church toward the intercession of Our Lady throughout history. Their many pilgrimages to places of our Holy Mother`s appearances, along with their instructional writings and prayers have spoken volumes as to the direction in which they have been guiding the Church.

The main reason that more is not said about events that are happening today is that the Church must be very careful that the Deposit of Faith which has been handed down from the Original Apostles is not damaged or displaced into a secondary role to such supernatural phenomena. The Revelation of the Truth of our Salvation rests solely and completely within the Dogma, Teachings, and Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. That is the essence that every authentic intercession of the Heavenly Hosts will direct us toward. But, we need to remember that God does not allow such miraculous occurrences for no reason. When He is acting in such a profound manner, as seems to be obvious, it is the responsibility of every Christian to ask themselves, "What does God want of me in this time and in this place? Does He want my faithful witness to His miraculous works?" The answer will always be "Fiat"- "Yes" to His works. Our invocation of faith and responsible action will make the difference in the conversion of thousands who would otherwise have a more difficult path toward understanding His Love. The Faith has been fanned into flames at particular points in history by those who were willing to reach-out in faith and proclaim that God is at work in our midst."