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I have been most interested in the 1991 Palm Sunday experience that you had when you saw the Virgin Mary in the sky above the cemetery. I find it entirely believable that what you are saying is true, because I once had a similar occurrence happen to me. After all these years, can you tell me why that particular day was allowed by God to occur at the exact time during the unfolding of your messages? Would that not have been better situated toward the latter years, when you could have better understood what all of this meant? Werent you both frightened out of your wits to see what was going on?

Bill - "I cannot determine what "might have been better" according to God`s will and omnipotent perspective. My faith holds me certain that Palm Sunday 1991 was the perfect day for Him to dispense this particular revelation. I believe the fact that we did not completely understand what it meant at that time, is itself a testament to "Morning Star Over America." It is up to the readers of our work to contemplate the factual witness of the events that have unfolded in our lives, and incorporate the lessons that God wishes us all to learn about His Divinity and command of Creation into their understanding of Him.

As far as being scared on that day, I was not afraid according to any definition that I had previously held. It was more like my mind was being shocked into uselessness, or a state of surrender. I had to give-up because I knew what I was seeing; I knew my presence of mind was stable; and I knew that my mind could not be offered any other explanation than GOD! In addition, the ecstasy in my heart made me want to jump-up into the sky without a hint of concern about what I would leave behind."