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What is the reason that the Virgin Marys messages seem to differ in tone from one messenger to the next? I have read dozens of so-called messages from Her, and many of them seem to be from an entirely different personality than others. Why is this the case?

Bill - "I can only answer the question to the depth that I have been taught to understand it. It relates to multiple criteria all applied at the same time, which makes comprehending it somewhat difficult. The things of Heaven are not definable in the terms of the mortal world. I, myself, have sat exasperated at times because I could not find within me any words to truly describe what my heart has seen so that another person would concisely be able to grasp its full dimensions. Our Holy Mother`s messages are diminished the moment they are confined within the parameters of the human language. That is why She asks us to pray in order to understand them. In the process of transferring the unbounded knowledge of Heaven into mortal creation, it passes through the human person who is made-up of levels of personality and understanding, attitudes and biases, which are all affected by the human will. Hence, when the individual will is not completely sacrificed so as to eliminate its effect, its "color" may be seen in the messages because that is the way the seer perceived the message as it was transposed through the heart. This same effect occurs in the one who is reading the message and transposing it into their own heart. So, you can see that there is a potential for both the messenger and also those hearing the message to add the "color" of their will. Many times, it is not the seer who affects the message, but the will of those who are discerning what it says and means.

Concurrently and in union with this phenomena is the fact that our Holy Mother treats each of Her children differently. She is not a stoic matriarch. She responds to each child according to what She knows they need, while taking into account, what they want and how they wish to sacrifice their lives for Christ. Many messages are the kind that the seer unconsciously desires in their soul to better define their witness to Jesus Christ as they progress from spiritual infancy to mature adulthood.

This leads us to the concept of purity and elevation of messages. Our discernment and conformance to these revelations should not be a yes/no, black/white, accept/reject proposition. We should govern our discernment on a scale of purity and elevation, with the weight of our acceptance allocated in relation to the purity and elevation each intercession contains. In this way, we benefit from every morsel of divinity that is able to penetrate the process of transition from Heaven to Earth through the human spirit. But, outright falsehood can render any particular intercession terminal.