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I would like to hear in more detail why you have claimed in your book that the "laying of hands" upon your heads by a Medjugorje visionary began the miracle of your messages? If that happened in 1989, why did two years pass before anything miraculous ever begin to unfold?

The one statement in the Prologue concerning our audience with Vicka, the visionary from Medjugorje, mentions two words, initiated and consecrated. The correct understanding of my words does not mean "began," as such, as your question seems to imply. There was no "magical" transmission of the supernatural during these prayers, like a commodity was purchased. "Initiated" means to come into communion with, or provided with the "initiative;" the power, ability, or instinct to begin to follow through with a plan or task. "Consecrate" pertains to the action of the grace of God who ratifies, approves, and blesses the union of hearts in the direction of His Will.

It is clearly my witness that the intercession of our Heavenly Mother in our lives is in the clear line of progression with the graces we received in Medjugorje during our pilgrimages there in 1989, of which the laying on of hands was very prominent in that succession. I have related very significant events, as instructed, as signs of the foreshadowing, the continuity, and the fulfillment of the work being effected by the Virgin of Heaven through "Morning Star Over America."

The fourteen months that passed between our last visit to Medjugorje and the commencement of the "Morning Star" text is a length of time that was determined by God, alone. Was He waiting to begin this Diary on the 60th anniversary of Jesus` appearance to Sister Faustina who recorded the Divine Mercy in her magnificent diary? It is food for contemplation, but I do not know. I have never been curious as to why, or asked Our Lady such questions. I have always thought it was an abuse of my gift to satisfy my human curiosity. I am just incredibly happy that I was chosen to serve Our Lord is such a way, in spite of the ridicule and opposition.