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Have either of the two "seers" ever sought any sustained spiritual counsel from a priest(s) who is authorized by the local Diocese since the Virgin Mary almost always defers to Her priests during ongoing miraculous manifestations?

It is recorded in the work that one of the first things that the seers did was to contact a Priest to relate their experiences and seek direction concerning them. They followed the subsequent advice of the priest, especially that they record the events and them unfold in the normal course of their lives. This Priest was called soon after as a missionary to Albania and left the country. Timothy also sought counsel from the parish priest, Reverend Joseph Murray, in the hometown of the seers. This priest died three weeks after the beginning of Our Lady`s intercession, whereupon spiritual guidance was obtained from a third priest who was their Confessor who has also since died. Further, initial sets of the messages were given to the Roman Catholic Bishop at the time, who is now resigned and retired. There is an ongoing dialogue with the present Bishop of the local Diocese who has yet to issue any opinion regarding the miraculous manifestations.