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What is the Blessed Mother saying about the souls who have been executed by the individual states in America for heinous crimes? Are these people sent automatically into Hell, or are they waiting someplace else before the Second Coming of Jesus so He can send them there?

Bill - "The execution of any individual within our penal system is a bold display of lack of love and mercy by our society. It is, further, an equally sorrowful state of perception for someone to believe that there is no possibility for the redemption of those who have fallen into such terrible conditions. One who desires or is gladdened by the fact that another may be condemned and destroyed is far from God`s Love. One who is in such a state will not offer themselves and their sacrifices for the salvation of such souls. In truth, there are souls who will greet their executioners at the Gates of Heaven, and escort them to Table. God has the capacity to grant clemency to souls that human beings could never forgive. The decision is with each sinner. We must pray that all people are strong enough to accept such Mercy at the Judgement Seat of God. Our lives in this world are our preparation for that great moment. That is why our striving for perfect holiness in this life is so important. The more pure we have rendered our being, the easier it will be to accept this Infinite Mercy. No one should be allowed to despair at the thought of that choice, no matter what their sins may be. That is how souls are damned. If one will not forgive another, there is great potential that they will not forgive themselves at the divine revelation of their own sins."