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You have spoken a great deal in your book about abortion. I have seen that the Blessed Mother has also said that it is a great sin against God. Why do you suppose that He has allowed it to go on for so long if it is so offensive to Him. Dont you think that almost 30 years of prayers to end abortion would be sufficient to bring Him to end it if He was so opposed to it from the start?

Bill - "The single answer for this seeming delay is that He loves these sinners to such a degree, and is showing Mercy upon them. The Heavenly Father is displaying an astounding extension of merciful patience so that all those responsible can come to repentance and convert from the sinister abuse of their free will. They must be warned that this time is quickly approaching its end. The sheer numbers of aborted children in union with the Crucifixion of His Own Son should bring every soul to weep at the Love that God has for these people. He allowed His Perfect Son to be crucified to save the world. In light of that, it should not be a surprise that He would call other Innocents to the Cross to mitigate the offenses of their torturers. All those responsible for abortion must convert their hearts or they will never see one minute of the Light of Heaven. They will be damned. Our Holy Mother asks us to invoke very fervent prayers for the conversion of these sinners."