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I must admit that your book is almost too long to read straight through, so I have been jumping around, looking at various dates. I was almost shocked to see the section about the priest from 1700 years ago miraculously appear in the middle of the night to the more stable of the two messengers. But, the book never states what this priest really wanted. Can you explain?

Bill - "I believe, more than anything else, he made me stronger, of higher conviction and dedication. Anyone who sits in the company of giants basks in the aura they emanate. Father Lumen is mighty in grace. I could see it openly beaming from his eyes. He would die again in a heartbeat out of love for any human being. Although not the eminence of Our Lady, he projected a Light comparable to Christ, Himself. While God has His reasons for Father`s coming that none of us may ever know, I was strengthened in heart and conviction to an immense degree by his encouraging words, promise of assistance, and miraculous presence. My soul was deeply cultivated by such divinity, making me even more abandoned to this path on which I am being guided.

It was also a gift that was allowed to be recorded and given to everyone who would read the account in faith, to help each person realize that the coming Kingdom of God has no parameters by which mortals can confine it."