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Does the Virgin Mary ever talk about apparitions to other people to you? Has She ever told you that certain messengers were false? How can we tell when we are seeing messages from God? What criteria should we use when it seems like so-called "mediums" are coming out of the woodwork all over the world?

"Bill - "Let us first dismiss from consideration the delusional and heretical messages that are obviously false when placed in the Light of the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. In answer to your questions, yes, the Holy Virgin has spoken personally to me about Her apparitions and messages that people are receiving. She has used some examples of these messages to show me how seers falter and inject their own will, and in some cases, begin to completely make-up their own messages without Her guidance after She has ceased Her intercession.

Our Lady has never characterized to me any messenger as personally being false. She has said that certain messages have been recorded incorrectly, both inadvertently and intentionally as a result of the human will, thus making the messages, themselves, errant. I begged Our Lady not to allow me to ever make such mistakes. She assured me that She would not allow this to happen with our work. Proof of this declaration can be found in one of the first days of Her intercession in 1991 when we transcribed Her message incorrectly. A miraculous grace was provided to correct the error. This same mantle of protection has been evident throughout our experiences on different occasions.

How can we determine whether a particular intercession or a set of messages is authentic? First, let us realize that the intercession of Our Lady does not automatically confirm a great state of holiness or an impeccable nature upon a seer, but it does bestow a wholly different perspective of thought and understanding that most others cannot grasp. There are qualities of purity and elevation in the spectrum of these divine revelations, and in Christian evangelization itself, on the part of the messenger. Most people only understand shades of the truth they are professing. Therefore, they do the best that they can while trying to develop a steadfastness in their spiritual understanding of the truths God may be clarifying.

The Holy Spirit works within each person to the extent allowed by the will of that person and their capacity to imitate Jesus` grace in the midst of rejection and suffering. Our scrupulous recognition of the necessity of purity in any given message should give us pause to reflect on the clarity and authenticity of our own witness to Jesus Christ as a part of our responsible Christian evangelization. The message of Jesus Christ must go forth from every soul with as much intensity as the most grand of Our Lady`s miraculous intercessions. Each person is responsible to make themselves the clearest possible thoroughfare for Christ to be present in the world.

We can be assured that God is at work through a chosen soul if their message resonates the Truth of the Gospel as revealed and protected by the Roman Catholic Church and imitated in the lives of every Saint who has professed allegiance to this Sacred Body over the past 2000 years. The highest and most pure of intercessions will openly call us to the challenge of the Cross of Jesus in our personal lives and in our contemporary thinking. They will summon us to greater Faith, prayer, penance, peace, self-denial, discipline, strengthening of the virtues, elevation of the Holy Eucharist, and usually, admonishment toward deeper conversion.

A final thought, hereto, the increase in the number of messengers is itself a sign. There has been an increase in the number of authentic revelations. But, we should not put ourselves into a false dilemma concerning the number of "mediums." We should not feel that God is asking us to make a definitive decision about every messenger who comes along when He has asked us all to be messengers of the Gospel. He has not asked us to make decisions about messengers, but to simply be holy among them all. And, our Heavenly Mother is giving us the prescription for that ascension.