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Why was Mary chosen as the patroness of the United States?

It was Jesus Christ who placed the citizens of the United States under the maternal protection of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary as She stood beneath the Cross on Mount Calvary watching Him die. Our Lord and Savior timelessly said to Her beyond the boundaries of the ages, “Behold your son; behold your daughter; behold your flock; behold your homeland; behold your continents; behold your nations; behold your countrysides; behold your United States of America; behold your world and behold your universe; All that I have belongs to you. All that you had you gave to Me, now all I will ever have I give to you.”

The Bishops of the United States by declaring Her our Patroness have simply echoed what the Holy Spirit pronounced to Creation during the timeless events of the Crucifixion of Our Lord. America’s vision needs to be enhanced regarding the astounding graces that flow to us through our acceptance of Her queenly power. And our Roman Catholic Bishops realized that need. The United States has a Queen and Heavenly Mother, but yet refuses to realize it, notwithstanding the more than numerous instances of Her miraculous intercession within our borders. And what is it that She would help us become? Greater things than our hearts have ever dreamed possible.