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If Mother Mary told you to say or do something that was not in accordance with the will of the local Bishop, who would you obey? Mother Mary or the Bishop?

Your question begs an adversarial dichotomy that does not exist, which means a false choice is being presented. There is only one will within the communion with the Most Holy Trinity. The Most Holy Virgin is in communion with the will of our local Roman Catholic Bishop. Further, we have confidence that our Bishop humbly remains in communion with the Queen of Heaven who reigns in oneness with our Risen Savior. When we obey our Bishop in all things according to the teachings of the Church, we are saying and doing what Our Lady asks of us. We are residing in the midst of that realm from where all Grace and blessings flow.

The seeming conflict that you hypothesize in your question can only be spawned from a particular order of events. In the first case, where our Heavenly Mother offers an instruction, the Bishop could require a subsequent obedience which appears to oppose that instruction. If there should arise such a condition, both Our Lady and ourselves will sacrificially alter our united will to remain in union with the Shepherd that Jesus has anointed, even in the case where our united will may initially be of higher virtue. The revelation of the Will of the Bishop commands the alteration to which even the heavens defer. Therefore, in such a situation, the Bishop is preserved by the grace of the Holy Spirit from being at odds with the Immaculate Virgin because the sacrifice of the will prevented a breach from occurring. It would be like jumping off a cliff but mercifully being caught in mid-air before suffering any consequences.

In the second case, where the Bishop has required an obedience initially, an opposing position against his requirement will never be generated. There is no sacrifice of the will to maintain unity. There is simple conformity in love from both ourselves and Our Lady.

Roman Catholic Bishops have the capacity and authority to affect, articulate, augment, and alter the Will of God, and by association, the collective will of all those wishing to remain in communion with the Most Holy Trinity; this includes Our Lady. But, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary is asking that humanity, including Her Prelates, make the sacrifice instead by deferring in obedience to Her Wisdom, thereby allowing Her to guide us to an heretofore unachieved level of sanctity.