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What has been the long-term reaction to these apparitions and interior locutions from the families of the two men who are claiming to be hearing from the Holy Mother?

The reactions are as diverse as the number of people within the bounds of your question. In regards to the negative and adversarial responses, it would be unkind to publicly give details or bring up in memory these actions by the persons involved. When it finally comes to light that these miraculous events are authentic, these people will want no one ever realizing that they were opposed to them. Further, it is an act of charity to anticipate their absolution by offering forgiveness in advance.

We must remember that events such as these almost always challenge the human faith of those near them, especially family relationships. It has been no different in these circumstances. We must always remember that there is a difference between exercising the right to personally disregard a private revelation and actively influencing all others to join you in disregarding it. There is also a major difference between personally disbelieving a private revelation and infallibly determining whether it is an authentic work of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who has determined for themselves that a work is not authentic, can be wrong. That is why one should be very careful that they do not actively rally against a private revelation unless ecclesial discernment has been initiated or that it is painfully obvious that it is heretical. A simple "feeling" is not a strong enough basis for building even a subtle coalition against an ongoing revelation. Our Lady has come to augment faith by challenging its depth which causes the ego to rebel and generate illicit "feelings."

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who have listened to the message and are embracing it to the best of their ability.

A further point of understanding is that Our Lady took the two seers into a confidential state early in 1991 in response to the familial disruption and in order to complete such a comprehensive work. This provided for a more normal unfolding of life for everyone involved.