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It says in "Morning Star Over America" that the first "visionary" saw and heard the Virgin Mary during the praying of the Rosary, and then it says that She also talks to him at other times that seem almost spontaneous in nature. How do you account for this seeming "apparition on demand" set of circumstances?

It cannot be said that either seer commanded or demanded the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, or that Her intercession always involves Her appearance. The perspective that is expressed by your question is most appropriate only in the opening days of Our Lady`s intercession. Her relationship with the seers has expanded over time as their faith has deepened. We forget to realize that the relationship that God and the Communion of Saints have with us is far greater than most people care to realize. Presently, the seers perceive this interaction with their Heavenly Mother as being a natural part of their lives, although they know it is a gift. In the beginning, it was of a more surprising nature. Much of the spontaneity at that time was related to bolstering the spiritual conviction of the seers in the face of much collateral opposition.

The fact that the Heavenly Father has allowed such a special relationship to ensue is witness to the magnitude of the message in this work. He has chosen to display His Divine Mercy in a very profound way. The seers describe the so-called spontaneity as resting solely in the decision of the heavenly Hosts to respond to their invocations.