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Could you please tell us what the Blessed Virgin Mary is telling you about the three days of darkness, the chastisements, and the prophesies of the "end times?"

Bill - "One of the most pronounced and immediate transformations that Our Lady`s miraculous intercession effected in my soul was concerning these topics. Before Her intercession began on February 22, 1991, my curiosity and concern with these events was substantial. Our Lady replaced that curiosity and concern, instantaneously, with the vision of Her Love. The grace that She emanates is the most overpowering solution to the tragedies that could occur. It was like my mind and heart were a compass whose needle did not know which direction was North. When She came, She was "North", and my vision was drawn upward and away from concern about events. She taught me the love that She has for Her children, no matter what is happening. It is only from this vantage point that She has spoken to me about these topics. If our devotion and Christian fervor is fueled by fear of these events, then our devotion and fervor is misplaced. If we can pray to lift our vision above the simple human perception of these events, it is possible to mitigate their effects. Information concerning these topics is useless if the heart is not awakened to lay itself out in sacrifice and prayer to mitigate their effects out of love for the family of man.

As far as the three days of darkness, fear nothing. The chastisements, fear nothing yet and pray for their mitigation. And, the prophecies of the "End Times" which we are living, fear nothing as they come to their climax. Focus on the Triumph and pray to endure anything that the Lord asks of you with a flaming joy raging in your heart, even to the maximum point of your own Mount Calvary."