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To what do you attribute the embracing and endorsement of "apparitions" around the world by many priests who are, themselves, later found to be morally corrupt and unable to continue their vocations because of sexual perversion, convictions, and other such improprieties?

We must separate the two issues that you have brought forward. The first deals with the witness to the truth that is revealed to the soul, and the responsible witness that is generated by that revelation. The other is related to human weakness in the face of outright diabolical attacks.

The witness and endorsement of an authentic apparition by a Roman Catholic Priest is a great gift of faith which they offer to the world. This personal faith has the ability to buttress the faith of millions in the holy flock and unleashes abundant multitudes of graces that would otherwise not be possible, or if so, only through incredible suffering. The nature of the soul of a Priest, coupled with this incredible potential outpouring of grace, places the Priest in a very sacrificial position. Satan knows that he can do the most damage to the faith of souls, and to the Catholic Church, by destroying the credibility of a Catholic Priest by tempting them into sin, then publicly highlighting their human weakness before the world. So, the priests are his prime targets, not because of the fall of a particular blessed soul, but because of the scandal that can be caused through the initial act.

A further point, Satan does not have to get a Priest to fall, he only has to make it look like he did. He will employ false witnesses, people of good stature, even fellow faithsians to provide evidence to support the claim. There are many priests who are innocent of what they have been accused. That is the cross that Jesus has asked them to bear for their accusers.