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I cannot find any recounting of the reactions of the "Pana locutionist" to your book. You talk about the so-called "miracles" of how her spirit or soul was somehow metaphysically attracted to the choir loft of a church and the sensation in her hands, but you do not include her own reaction to these occurrences. Why not?

In the beginning, the "Morning Star" seers began to speak openly about their experiences, even though much of what happened to them was symbolic and visionary. These mystical qualities were a deep contrast to the messages received by the Pana locutionist. So, in order to preserve peace among the members of the prayer group, many of the occurrences became private knowledge between the "Morning Star" seers. The recording of "Morning Star Over America" continued from this confidential perspective. At that time, neither of the seers envisioned the book that has been completed. Bill was just writing down what he considered was his personal and historical record of the events, which include his diary record of the manifestations involving the Pana locutionist. The human opinions of the Pana locutionist were not thought to be important, therefore, only the factual details that were witnessed concerning her were recorded.