The following forum is provided so that you may submit any personal questions concerning this work of Our Lady. We will try to answer as time allows any honest and sincere question that is submitted.

If Mother Mary told you to say or do something that was not in accordance with the will of the local Bishop, who would you obey? Mother Mary or the Bishop?

What is Marys fathers name?

Why was Mary chosen as the patroness of the United States?

Did the Blessed Mother ever tell you why She chose to first come in the middle of the night, as opposed to, perhaps, some other time when you might have been praying the Mysteries of the Rosary during a Holy Hour or a regular prayer group?

Have either of the two "seers" ever sought any sustained spiritual counsel from a priest(s) who is authorized by the local Diocese since the Virgin Mary almost always defers to Her priests during ongoing miraculous manifestations?

What has been the long-term reaction to these apparitions and interior locutions from the families of the two men who are claiming to be hearing from the Holy Mother?

It says in "Morning Star Over America" that the first "visionary" saw and heard the Virgin Mary during the praying of the Rosary, and then it says that She also talks to him at other times that seem almost spontaneous in nature. How do you account for this seeming "apparition on demand" set of circumstances?

Could you please tell us what the Blessed Virgin Mary is telling you about the three days of darkness, the chastisements, and the prophesies of the "end times?"

What material evidence is there which points to the Mother of God as being the Lady with the Crown of Twelve Stars and the moon at Her feet, as described in the New Testament Book of Revelation?

To what do you attribute the embracing and endorsement of "apparitions" around the world by many priests who are, themselves, later found to be morally corrupt and unable to continue their vocations because of sexual perversion, convictions, and other such improprieties?

I cannot find any recounting of the reactions of the "Pana locutionist" to your book. You talk about the so-called "miracles" of how her spirit or soul was somehow metaphysically attracted to the choir loft of a church and the sensation in her hands, but you do not include her own reaction to these occurrences. Why not?

I have seen your book, "Morning Star Over America," and I believe what you are claiming to be happening to be true. I am curious as to why the exact location of the apparitions is never disclosed in the book. Is there a huge crowd which forms to witness these miracles? Why have you chosen not to reveal the place where these manifestations are occurring so everyone can come to pray with you?

Has the Virgin Mary ever shown you a vision of Heaven or Hell? Has She ever spoken in specific about whether certain people have been saved?

I have noticed that your book ends in March 1997. Is that when the Virgin Mary stopped giving you messages? Is She still speaking to you every day? If so, has She ever told you when you will stop receiving messages?

My neighbor has received a copy of your book from your Website. I would like to know who has paid for the printing and binding of the book, are you making a profit, and what is happening to the proceeds from the book?

I am just now learning about the manifestation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Salvation of humanity. Why does not the Catholic Church talk more about the miracles which you are experiencing in their Masses, their local newsletters, and other ecclesiastical functions?

I have been most interested in the 1991 Palm Sunday experience that you had when you saw the Virgin Mary in the sky above the cemetery. I find it entirely believable that what you are saying is true, because I once had a similar occurrence happen to me. After all these years, can you tell me why that particular day was allowed by God to occur at the exact time during the unfolding of your messages? Would that not have been better situated toward the latter years, when you could have better understood what all of this meant? Werent you both frightened out of your wits to see what was going on?

What is the reason that the Virgin Marys messages seem to differ in tone from one messenger to the next? I have read dozens of so-called messages from Her, and many of them seem to be from an entirely different personality than others. Why is this the case?

If the announcement by the first "visionary" had happened without the miraculous experiences that are detailed in the first 200 pages of your book, would the second messenger have still trusted his friend who proclaimed from the beginning that the messages were authentic?

I would like to hear in more detail why you have claimed in your book that the "laying of hands" upon your heads by a Medjugorje visionary began the miracle of your messages? If that happened in 1989, why did two years pass before anything miraculous ever begin to unfold?

What is the Blessed Mother saying about the souls who have been executed by the individual states in America for heinous crimes? Are these people sent automatically into Hell, or are they waiting someplace else before the Second Coming of Jesus so He can send them there?

You have spoken a great deal in your book about abortion. I have seen that the Blessed Mother has also said that it is a great sin against God. Why do you suppose that He has allowed it to go on for so long if it is so offensive to Him. Dont you think that almost 30 years of prayers to end abortion would be sufficient to bring Him to end it if He was so opposed to it from the start?

I must admit that your book is almost too long to read straight through, so I have been jumping around, looking at various dates. I was almost shocked to see the section about the priest from 1700 years ago miraculously appear in the middle of the night to the more stable of the two messengers. But, the book never states what this priest really wanted. Can you explain?

Does the Virgin Mary ever talk about apparitions to other people to you? Has She ever told you that certain messengers were false? How can we tell when we are seeing messages from God? What criteria should we use when it seems like so-called "mediums" are coming out of the woodwork all over the world?