"My dear children, as this day of rest has come which has been created by My Son, it is time for all of you to prepare with greater intensity for the celebration of His rising from the grave. In this Victory, He was granted His role as Savior of all mankind. While an earthly king inherits his throne because of his wealth and riches of material goods, and his people need him for their daily bread and lodge, My Son, Christ the King, inherited His Throne because He is rich in Love and His followers need Him for their Eternal Salvation. My Son is always watchful of My children. He feels the warm hearts of the faithful, the gentleness of the kind, and the praying hands of those beloved children who ask for grace and Love from their hearts. I, too, children, hear your prayers and pleas. As with My Son, My blessings are also with those who pray. Beautiful flowers bloomed from Earth this day as a result of a watershed of prayers of My children. Your prayers will be rewarded with a rainbow in each of your hearts which will pass from horizon to horizon. It is very important that you continue to pray for those whose hearts are heavy and dull, and without the conviction of My Son's Promise due to their own indifference. I am always with you in Love to help you enter the Kingdom of My Son. It is beautiful because you are beautiful and it is fitting that all beauty become enjoined by shared Love. My children, days are numbers and you do not know where you are in them. I can only assure you that the numbers are growing smaller. Each day, a new sun passes to bring light back to Light. By following My Son's words and living My messages, your lives will become as that of a dove perched on the wing of an eagle in flight whose destiny is to carry you to the horizon of Light and an Eternity in Heaven. Pray, My children, so that your flight will be steadfast and sure! Great fulfillment of solemn promises are your future when you deliver your trials and your sins to the everlasting King of Heaven, My Son, Jesus Christ. He is yours, My children, in this world and the next. He is the sun of your soul. With Him, life will begin anew. If you pray with your heart in great numbers, the heavens will tell of great happiness. Jesus carried your sins, sorrows, and griefs, and was buried for your human inequities. Please place your promise in His return to deliver you to the destiny for which I am asking you to pray. My children, your Rosary is your sanctifying eagle. Thank you for praying to Me with sincere hearts. Please remember My Son's Sacrifice because of His tremendous Love for you forever and ever. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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