"Dear children, your Heavenly Mother wants that each of you will pray to share the Glory of Love and trust in the Promise of My Son, Jesus, as the Savior of the world. He is the Holy and Sacred One, the Special One, and the Divine One. Your prayers and faith will lead you to His countenance and to His Kingdom where there will no longer be any need for hope. Pray from your deepest soul and remember that I love you and I will come to you if you pray and pray. My Immaculate Heart is a compass of Love which reaches out to you to lead you Home from the beginning of your journey to its end. Through your daily prayer of the Holy Rosary, you will receive many signs, responses to hopes and prayers, and blessings in the fulfillment of the Holy Plan. Pray, My children, for the many who have never known the Love of My Son and do not know that prayer is the way to receive Him. Within Him, there are no other desires. Pray with Me, children, so that the Divine plan for the world can be brought to fruition. Remember always that I love you. I am the Queen of Peace. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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