"Dear children, your Mother hears every word of your prayers, spoken and silent. I respond to your prayers with Love. Today, I came again to tell all My children everywhere that each of you should hold your hopes and dreams acceptable to My Son next to your soul and lift them up as sincere love for Him in the solitude of your own heart and hearts. This, My children, is prayer! You need to remain content and at ease with Our Beloved Jesus in your daily lives and labors. Offer comfort and warmth to your brothers and sisters everyday. Pray for them. Give of yourself to every human soul from all walks so that it requires sacrifice from you which you make through the arc of a smiling heart. Share your love and compassion in the name of My Son, Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of all people. This, My children, is peace! Please take special care to pray for the afflicted and trodden. Though they already have special blessings from Heaven, they need your prayers and wishes. Those who live without thankfulness for their health and happiness are of great distance from Me and My Son. My children, prayer for these people is most important. It is prayer out of Love which ignites a spark, a flicker, and a glimmer. There can be a world of Light and Love if allowed to grow through Love. You must make the Rosary your sparks, My special ones. One Hail Mary leads to the next, and countless sparks of them will bring a revealing Light to the Mysteries to defeat the darkness of Satan. I have called on many of My children to serve as do My angels. Take heed in the words of your God! Thank you for having responded to My call."

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