"Today, My children, I have come to tell where My Son is. He is first in your heart and soul where you were begotten of Him. Outwardly, My precious ones, He is of the lowliest and holy places on Earth. Jesus is not difficult to find since His Love and Justice are so simple. His is no great empire of wealth or status, but is from His humble beginning at birth. My Son's teaching is an easy lesson. His message magnified can bring great power to the world. A simple kindness can lead to a smile, a greeting of love, a touching of hearts, and a common prayer. His words tell of the dimension of His Love and strength: the mustard seed, the camel and needle's eye, and the fate of the meek. Break down your barriers, My children, which block your reaching-out to receive His hand! You need to be sincere, not pompous, confident and not afraid, sorrowful without self-pity, forgiving and not vengeful, and accepting in the place of question. These are the acts of new life and new beginnings. This is the resurrection of the freedom of Love over the tyranny of hatred, which is the message of this season. My children, pray that it will also bring a resurrection of your God-given gift of open-heartedness and compassion. As you pray together, you have become as one life and one hope, as My Son has wished for the world. Please pray that His wish can continue to come true. My Son blesses you and your many prayerful acts, and My Love for you cannot be overwhelmed. With all My motherly Love, I bless you in His Name."

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