"My dear children and beloved ones, today I have come to tell you of the great peace which those have who love the Law of My Son. Jesus' Law is the rule of goodness and Mercy. Its plan is not to punish, but to make pure. Rules and laws of humanity are made out of competition and fear. Someone has to lose, My children, in your books of behavior in order that others may win. The all-encompassing Laws of My Son are those which include all of humankind to be loved and given a chance to love. My children, you are all too busy fixing your world to make your lives comfortable, without sacrifice, and far from Jesus. The design of your world distracts you from your prayers. You surround yourselves with entertainment and things that stimulate your physical and emotional senses. As your Mother, I must come to you to tell you that I love you too much to see you become absorbed into your materials and far from the Spirit of My Son. It is part of Satan's plan to seduce you into spending your days in an artificial world. Satan would like that you would ignore My Son through your frivolous activities. All your worldly goods will return to the earth from where they came, My little ones. They will perish back to the dust of the ground. Children, please do not let Satan force you to design your own defeat by letting him draw you away from My Son, Jesus. Your worldly structures are your shelters from the elements and to make your days soft and easy. The real shelter you should be seeking is that of My Son. His is a shelter that will not perish through time or element. To build that lasting and most important shelter, you must continue to pray. My children, please do not think that your prayers are in vain. Once your words of prayer are lifted, they are forever etched into the hands of your Savior, as are the scars of His Sacrifice. To be sent to Heaven is a part of His Plan for all My children. Take refuge in Him as your greatest shelter! His house of Eternity will be infinitely more beautiful than the designs of men. He is the greatest architect and carpenter. You must make sacrifices, My special ones, to keep Satan from distracting you from prayer. My loving message for you is to pray and make sacrifices, do penance, and fast. Instead of giving your idle time to Satan for him to take you away, devote that time to the Holy Rosary. The decades of the Rosary are the building-blocks which will result in your place of lasting shelter with My Son in Heaven. Your good deeds and works are the stones which will wall-up your home in Eternity. Your prayers are the mortar which will hold them together into a solid rock of Salvation. My children, please build your daily lives around prayer and every other part of your lives will fall into their inevitable place. Prayer is the way to learn the Law of My Son. I will help you learn and obey that Law as written for you as My Son's word in the Holy Scripture when you pray to learn and understand. I give you My loving blessing in the name of the Trinity that you will love and live the Law of Jesus so that your world can be filled with peace and you can build your foundation for your shelter in Heaven. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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