"Dear children, you rest in God's favor today as a result of your consistent prayer and humility. I have come to show you Love for taking time everyday to admire My Son. I have also come to tell you that you can gain many graces toward the promise that Jesus makes by doing His work along with your daily toils of labor. While your daily labors are performed with your feet pushing on the ground and the tools of your trade in your hands, the work of faith is done while on your knees and your hands reaching to the heavens and to each other. My Holy Son is perfectly upright and just, and He is all seasons of the climate of God. You, My special ones, are very delicate leaves which, when autumn is brought, will be folded according to His heavenly purpose. I pray for you as harvest grows nearer. You are not only in My prayers, you are My prayers. All of you are in My extended Immaculate Heart through Love for always. You, My precious children, are the temporary custodians of My Son's world and all in it. Your Mother is asking that you be kind to it, as it is as precious a creation of God as yourselves. My Son's Creation of nature and beauty are being sieged by the sins of the followers of Satan against it. Your prayers and forthright goodness will allow you to be raised at autumn if you treat all of God's Creation with love. Pray, My children, that you do not fall into the grip of the Evil One when the reaping of souls comes to pass. I pray that you will be present with all the angels in Heaven. The fruit of your prayers are yours at harvest by steadfastingly following the wishes of My Son, who promises deliverance to the Eternal Kingdom. Thank you for praying to know and to do the Will of Jesus. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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