"Dear children, your loving Mother feels your warm prayers and outpour of admiration that you show My Son through Me. It is important that you continue to know where your life's protection is, My children. It is Jesus, and He hears your prayers and feels your heart in the same devotion through which you offer them. That is where I tell you that you will find Him. He is in every heart for the protection of your soul. The human spirit, My precious ones, is the Holy Spirit incarnate through each and every living being. All living things have been given the breath of life because He said it has been, and He says it will be. That is the Love of Life that Jesus has to offer and it cannot ever be lost when kept in the care of My Son, its Creator. Love may not always be easily discovered or noticed, but it is always there for those who choose to receive it, and there are great blessings in it. I tell you, My children, that you can remain close to Love through the Rosary. As the fate of the world is in the hands of God, the fate of your love for Jesus and your souls is as though each Rosary bead is the world in your hands. The fate of it is in your hands through your recitation of the prayers which accompany it. Remain close to Jesus in your world and He will protect you as you are protecting each tiny Rosary bead, giving it caress and prayer. He will be your bastion of great strength through your prayers. He wishes that each of you will come to Him with an open and free act of will. As the celebration of His rising nears, let it be a reminder that, through His example you can also rise over the flood of death by accepting Him. The tide of Easter can wash you to shore and to safety and Salvation. Acceptance of Jesus in your hearts is all that He asks, and your safety can be assured. Release everything, My children, that is in your hearts that is blocking His entrance and caging-in your doubts. Please know that you can rise the way Jesus did after the grave. My children, you cannot totally accept Life until you accept the preciousness of death and resurrection. Pray through Me to My Son, little ones, and we will show you the Promise fulfilled as written in the Holy Word. Remember the calling given by John, three and three, and pray to receive the graces which come through the call. I love you, My children, and hope you will trust in My Son's holy Promise. Please be mindful of His commitment at Holy Mass, through this period of sacrifice and always. Thank you having responded to My call."

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