"My dear children, today I have come to you to remind you of the many ways that your prayers have touched and are touching My Immaculate Heart, My Son's Sacred Heart, and all the beautiful angels in the heavens. When your prayers are simple and from the heart, you find ways to keep your bestowed graces pure and in your hands. Many souls are moved by your lifting of prayers and the masses of souls are won to My Son, one at a time. Today, My children, somewhere there is a child whose hopes have been raised at the rising dawn. The heart of an aged soul has been touched so that he can welcome his coming day. Your prayers ring joy and love that are strong to the world. You have been given eyes to see the beautiful and vast places on Earth and ears to hear the solemn sounds of the places of peace, and touch and feel so that your brothers and sisters can be comforted and consoled. My children, you are using your senses for the work of My Son, Jesus, which brings Light and peace to all you touch. These great deeds are loved by My Son, but do not carry the power of the prayers which you raise to the heavens. As your eyes see the beauty created by God, they should also wait in prayerful hope upon seeing the return of My Son. Nothing in your power to grasp through any sense, My little ones, will allow you to know the stunning beauty of Heaven. It has been promised to you and awaits you as you await My Son, your Savior. Your prayers are heard, My special children, and many souls were moved today by them, especially those whose needs were higher. In due season, you will witness the days which you pray for. I will help you, children, because I have a special Love for you, the Love only your Mother could have. Be around My feet because your prayers are inspiring and move the heavens. My blessings are with you today for the intensity of your love for My Son. Thank you for remaining faithful to Him and thank you for having responded to My call."

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