"My dear children, I have come to you again today to keep My promise of Love for you and to show you how deeply My Son loves you, which is of no comparison to any value that is known to humankind. My Son's Love for you is of the ultimate, has no equal, is final, and cannot be destroyed. Although many of you, My special children, do not understand the tremendous power of His Love, it is still a simple Promise that has been made to you. It is constant and unchanging, definite and permanent. Sometimes, little ones, you seem to look at Love as though you are standing on a long road, and when looking into the distance at it, it seems to grow smaller and thinner as it goes further away from you. His promise of Love for you, My children, is as steady and wide at its indefinite infinity as it is on the exact place where you are standing. It even grows wider, My special and divine children, to those who allow it to grow to its limitless immensity as was offered by Jesus in the beginning. It also resounds throughout Creation in an echo that will not diminish. Jesus made the Promise of His Love to all mankind which still rings as loud and strong as on the day it was sounded. My children, His Love also becomes amplified when it is brought from the hearts of men to others for the good of the service of His Commandments which are best obeyed when all the children of Creation allow them to unfold in their good time and merit. The Plan of God will prevail through its predestined number of days. The world is not yet finished and no man should place judgement or prediction on its outcome, but rather should pray that he can be of the best and most noble part in it. The Commandments, children, can best be lived from the inside-out, although they are outward in their effect. Keep the Commandments in your heart and the outside world will be blessed from the inside. The heart is where My Son's home is and it should be kept pure and clean, warm and neat, open and full of Love. My children, a life through the Love of Jesus can be a happy memory at the end of each day, a beautiful song that can bring peace to an empty soul, and a benediction to a place where there seems no room for solace. God's benediction, My children, is His daily Promise of the renewal of His Love at each new dawn and it is fulfilled through your prayers at it. My Son's Promise is a gift to you out of Love for you to hold and cherish as your own, a gift that will not fade or grow thin in the distance and will not become dim from lack of light or sound. My special ones, many are committing themselves to accepting the Love of Jesus through admiration for Him through the Rosary. It has the power to change the world from the inside-out by changing hearts through love for Jesus. This should give you hope for each new day. All of My children should love and cherish every new day that My Son has given them and do all possible to live all of them in peace. Each new day should be a renewal of faith and a renewal of the love for life because life is as beautiful as the Beautiful One who created it. The precious Creation of My Son should not be transformed, altered, shortened, or abused as it would place great sorrow in His Heart and Mine, your Mother, who loves you so much. My children, please keep life sacred and Love in your hearts through your daily prayers. Your gift of life can be preserved as was given by My Son. I pray for you that all your days be filled with the happiness and security which was intended for them. I pray that you will remember each other in your prayers and I ask My Son to bless your days with the wonderment and fulfillment of the treasure of peace. Thank you for living Love and giving Love. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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