"My dear children, today I have come again to invite you to receive the Spirit of peace. You are asked to open your hearts to allow the Holy Spirit to warm you in the way that the rays from the sun pierce the clouds to warm the Earth. As the air above the Earth is also warmed by the sun, by receiving peace in your hearts, your soul will also be warmed with the Love of God. My special children, there is in each of you the innocence of a tiny infant, a helplessness that can only be nurtured by God, the Father. Please surround yourselves with the thought and knowledge of Jesus. Dismiss yourselves of all self-interest and give your all to My Son. Remain unassuming and pure so that you can receive My Son. In your world of deep illusion and despair, hope and Love are found in Jesus. My little lambs, you will find the Wisdom of God from God. Pray for faith, My children, for there is room for Satan to enter a door of disbelief. Please do not grow weary from doing things according to the Will of My Son. As you know, not all of My children are filled with faith. Pray for their souls and conversion, out of compassion for them. If they will not see, they cannot see. You know, My precious ones, that you can pray to receive anything in God's Will when your faith is strong. Please pray to receive the peace which I bring and My Son has to offer. When the world is brought to its reconciliation, all will know the Truth and Love of My Son. Remember to confess yourselves to Jesus and you may be made worthy to receive Him. My little children, Satan is a quiet and persistent enemy of Truth, Love, and Light, and he wants that he can steal you away from the Salvation offered by My Son. It is important that you pray to remain pure and strong in your recognition of evil and your avoidance of sin. As you look upward, you will see Light, and when you look downward, you see darkness. Raise your heads to the heavens, children, to seek the Light of Christ which will fall gently on your face! Pray and fast, do penance, and offer complete conversion, and your days will be filled with Light and void of the darkness of Satan. Please remember that I am with you always and that My Love for you is a very special Love. I pray for you that you will receive My Son in your hearts and the Love that He has to offer. I bless you in His Name because of that Love. Thank you for being My precious and obedient children. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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