"My dear loved ones, your Mother calls your vision to the Mighty Gate and asks that you set your sights in your prayers to it. Children, My Son, Jesus, can feel the passion which is flowing through the veins of humanity. He shares in living and breathing through the lifeblood of humanity at the heart of its creation. This pulsating accord of common Love, My children, is fed through the power of prayer and by the compassion of humanity for humanity. The fields of your destiny of promise are irrigated through a quenching thrust from the Love of God and will be fulfilled by the only Maker of Truth. My special ones, Jesus should not be received in increments or by a means set by your mood or by fashion. Please accept Jesus as a gift from God, to all who believe in Him. Your lives, My children, were never intended to be filled with tragedy, discord, or perversion. That, My little ones, you have suffered through drifting away from the bulwark of the Spirit in creation of Life in its original beauty and sacrity. To regain the beauty of My Son's Creation, all of My children should merge in the universal offering of His Holy Body at the celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass. You will be made whole and complete through the unity and purity provided in the daily acceptance of Jesus. He is a stately mantle, offering the security of decency and the restoration of moral warmth of the heart. My children, please look upon your calling to His offering with joy and gladness because, in receiving Him, you are receiving your future and your destined Promise in it. You will be blanketed with Divine protection and shielded from the lowliness of Satan's despicable will for you by accepting and receiving My Son and through your willing repentance. Know that you are forgiven of your sins and loved beyond all measure. My children, you are delivered from captivity through My Son, Jesus Christ. You are saved through the embrace of His abundant Love for you. Humanity failed to take Him in during His earthly days. Please desire a willingness to take Him in now! Oh, My loved ones, there is a beautiful and bright city of celestial Light in the offing, a fertile valley of endless fruition. You will be brought to it because Jesus loves you! Through His lashes of leather and cord and by His humiliation which He freely accepted, your destiny can be assured by freely accepting Him. Jesus is offering, My lambs, and now is the time for taking. It is through His willingly-accepted stripes that you are healed. Your common blood can flow to the safety of Heaven through the union of your hearts for Jesus. I pray that you will come to His call. I love you with all My Immaculate Heart and wish to see each of you as one of My special angels. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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