"Dear children, your Mother brings you blessings in the Name of My Son, Jesus, and is asking you to surrender completely to Him. Jesus is alive and has promised to walk with you on your journey of life to deliver you to Eternal Salvation. Please remember, My children, that you need Jesus to redeem your souls. Pray and be close to My Son, and ask Him for help and guidance. Your human judgement is never heavenly, My innocent ones, but mortally frail. Your standards are no prescription for Eternal Life. If you try to seek Heaven without first taking the hand of Jesus, you will not find it. Please do not delay in accepting Him! My Son is going to return to the world and with great compassion, healing, kindness, and Mercy to those who love and fear Him. Pray, My children, that your souls will be greeted with great installation as the Love of My Son continues to live in you. Your only bounty is that of your Savior, Jesus Christ. While there is a limit and helplessness in human fortunes, the bounty granted by My Son is endless and forever. Jesus offers the seed of Love that can grow in you and become bountiful faith. That Love is found in your prayers and His Sacred Heart. Give your hands to prayer! Your future in Heaven cannot escape from between your hands if they are folded in prayer. My special children, the only free act in your power to achieve everlasting Life in Heaven is to willingly accept My Son. Your faith in Jesus is a bounty that has no material equal on Earth. Those who are rich in faith will yield a fruitful harvest at calling which cannot be matched by manly wealth. The rich should learn from the poor. Children, your lives are a fierce storm which lashes at you to make you weak and afraid. There are many unstable forces which drive you to sin and away from Jesus. Please know that your guidance and help through all the ages is Jesus, and you can trust in Him and know that He will never leave you alone in body or spirit. Jesus loves you even in your faults when you accept and confide in Him. The storm of life will end in a beautiful rainbow to those who believe His Promise. He will place all of your sins in remission and forgive you when you pray to follow His Word. Children, Jesus is your watch during the darkness of sin to guide you to brightness. In your times of trouble, take refuge in My Son's ever-present Love for you. Your soul is at rest in Him. Your Mother is asking you to humble yourselves and pray for lasting strength. Please desire to see Jesus in His temple and He will come to you in your hearts where He asks you to grant Him permanent stay. Your lives, children, are made holy and honorable when you give residence to Jesus in your hearts. Pray for the grace to be acceptable in His sight! My loved ones, I pray for you because you are My special children and I hold you deep in My Heart. Please, pray with penitence and contrition and your lives will be made wholesome through the Love of My Son, Jesus. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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