"My beautiful children, My Love comes to you as the wind breezing gently and fair with warmth for each of you. I ask you today to keep yourselves holy and pure by your sincere prayers and penance, especially during this season of giving to God of your hearts. Many of My children suffer today because of the lack of their prayers and the absence of prayer for them. Come closer to Me, My children, and I will pray with you and for you and help you to know how My Son wants you to be holy. Jesus knows your holiness through your prayers and the fruits of your work. Dear children, your Christianity can be expressed by your tenderness toward all of My children, by showing forgiveness, charity, and by being pleasant. If you make sacrifices and suffer for the good of others, you will come closer to the Heart of Jesus because it shows that you love Jesus as He loves you. You should spend all of your days loving Jesus and dismiss idleness away from Him from your lives. There are many hours and resources which are wasted in your lives. The world is growing stale and damaged by your abuse of its beauty created by My Son. The greatest waste, though My children, is that which could have been brought to the world through a prayer that was left unsaid. Children, you should remember that faith and prayer show your love for Jesus and give your lives direction and meaning. Many have gone before you to mark your way with signs of faith. Keep praying, little ones, so you can know the signs of faith and those paths that lead you to it. Take time in your lives to pray and seek the Kingdom of Heaven by asking Jesus to lead you there. Ask Jesus to lead you all to Eternity in Heaven. You need to pray, children, while you have time to pray and confess your sins. Each of you is moving through time at the speed of God's intentions. Time does not move, My special ones, it is you that move through it. Time is one in itself and, when you are called, you will become one with Eternity in Heaven when you live the Love of Jesus. I am with you all to pray for you out of love for you. I will not come back again, My special ones, so you must live My messages, fast, do penance, convert, and pray for peace in your lives and to be close to the Heart of My Son, Jesus. I bless you in His Name and with the warm breeze from My Immaculate Heart. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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