"My dear children, I am your Mother and the Queen of Peace. I have come to ask all of My children to come to the call of peace given through the Love of My Son. Remember that Jesus is Love and He is the Victor over despair, mistrust, sadness, doubt, temptation, and sin. I send the Love of My Son to all those who feel weakness in their faith and far from peace. Children, it is in each of you that peace begins because Love also begins in you by taking in My Son. You must be a witness for the Love of God by praying that evil will be removed from other men's hearts. This is how peace is shared between people, praying for inner peace and outer peace. There is never an overabundance or surplus of peace. The peace that is not used by one heart due to its hopeful saturation is the peace that belongs to a hungry heart. Pray, My children, that peace can spread throughout your land and in all hearts so all of humanity can share in its goodness and fulfillment. It is a precious possession that can only be achieved through Love, prayer, understanding and forgiving the faults of others and being patient during times of distress and change. Children, peace is cool like a running brook. It is as soft as the down of the breast of a dove, gentle as a newborn lamb, and tender as a new sun at daybreak. And, it all comes from the inside of each and every soul which follows and accepts the Love of My Son, Jesus. Peace can never be dark, but white as the snow-capped mountains hovering above to instill strength in beauty. The Love of peace should take men to the highest peaks of human holiness, which is a journey beginning at the foundation of the heart. Oh, My special ones, the only true peace of the highest kind can only be found through the Heart of Jesus, kept alive in the hearts of yourselves. Your Mother is calling you to peace and to allow it to flourish in the greatness of its own potential as that which draws humanity together as one in Love. It cannot be forced or pilfered and is not a market for mortal pleasure. In its own right, peace is as a dove which comes to the very quiet and docile of habitats to secure serenity and calm to all it touches. It is very timid, is the Dove of Peace, and likes that its home can abound with warmth and compassion. I bring you this peace, My children, and hope that you will open your hearts to willingly accept it so that your lives can be kept pure and free from frustration and temptation. The peace which I offer will be given when you pray and remember the Love of My Son and the Sacrifice He made to give all of you peace for Eternity. His Sacrifice will make all men as one Love in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for patiently praying and receiving peace from Him in the Name of the Holy Spirit. May it be carried to you on swift wings and through the softness of quiet. I give you Blessings from the Sacred Heart of My Son. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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