"Dear children, today I would like to call you to the will of forgiveness. You live in a world which is filled with dissension and disarray, but you were created to be all in one humanity. It is very important that your willingness to forgive others is a part of your lives for Christ. As you deliver forgiveness to others for their impositions to you, the great Mercy of Jesus will become more apparent to you and how important it is for you to receive it. You have built many walls, little ones, which serve to separate you from others. These divisions discriminate and segregate you from your fellow men and cause a lack of compassion for those who are truly in need of your love. Children, you can destroy these walls by uniting your hearts in unifying prayer. You must pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to become engulfed by it so you will be immersed in the joy of My Son, Jesus. The radiance of the Love of Jesus will descend on you when you pray to be one humanity instead of one in humanity. When you show your joy in the Love of Jesus and follow His Word, others will follow you. This example to your brother and sisters also brings joy to the Heart of Jesus. Children, My Son does not have concern for your collection of earthly possessions, and He does not want them. What Jesus is interested in is extending His Love to each of you and receiving your love and your souls for happiness in Heaven. You are at your will to do whatever your trade allows you to do on Earth, and it is best served through the help of daily prayer and the remembrance that forgiveness is also a part of your daily trade with those from whom you would seek forgiveness. This, My children, is how you can earn the Mercy of Jesus. Many times, it is difficult to hold your stand in your love for Jesus in a world of turmoil and disbelief, especially when others are showing to you their faithless side. Those are the times when your prayers need to be strong, direct, intense, and from the heart. The Love of Jesus is with you and is very strong when you pray. He will answer sincere love with sincere Love. This is why forgiveness is so important in seeking the Mercy of God. A faithless world cannot hurt you if you remain close to the protection of Jesus through prayer. Oh, My special ones, while it may be difficult for you to carry trust and hope in your daily lives in such an unstable world, please put both of them in Jesus. He will grant you the protection you seek if you pray to receive it. I always pray for you and respond to your pleas for intercession. I see and hear you when you may have doubts that your prayers are strong or loud enough. The most simple and soft-spoken prayer is as bounteous as a fanfare in its merit of sincerity in Heaven. I am always with you because I love you, even when you may believe that we are far apart. Many blessings are yours through your sincerity in prayers from the heart! Thank you for having responded to My call."

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