"My dear children, please know that your days should be marked with holiness so that your hearts can remain aloft with the Spirit of My Son, Jesus. When your lives create in you a thirst to be made holy and pure, you should seek the fountain of My Son's Love to lift you. Children, the waters of the Earth are of brine and are salted with sin and impurity. Earthly waters will not quench your thirst for holiness and Salvation, but will draw you again and again to them. The Fountain of My Son's Love is your only means to sacred satisfaction. You look to the east and west, and the south to north, but your eyes still only see the mortality of the false hopes that the Earth has to offer. When you lift your hearts in prayer to Jesus, you will see and feel the quenching showers of Love that will make you holy and made clean of sin. Look, My children, up to the heavens for the saving Fountain, which is fed by your sharing of love for Jesus and for each other! Please know that your persistence in Love creates a vision in your hearts that will allow you to see also the Love of My Son. Your days, My special lambs, should show your example of Love through the language of your acts, prayers, and thoughts. You should tend to those who suffer or are blind to the vision of the Love of Jesus. Your prayers are of great strength in bringing these people to the fountain of Jesus and His Love and Mercy. Your prayers light the way for those whose vision falls short of freely accepting the Love of God. And, My children, your pure thoughts keep your own hearts filled with the holiness you need to deliver the language of Jesus' Promise of Salvation to others. Remember also that your enemies need your love and prayers even greater than those who are very close to your heart. Love is most powerful when given to someone who does not possess the willingness to readily accept it. The Love of My Son, Jesus, is the converting power given to you by Him to offer your enemies to bring them to His grace, and is the ultimate language prescribed by God. My special ones, never before has the world needed the offering of conversion through Love more than it does now. You have been given the power to convert others through your love and prayers. Your Heavenly Mother is calling you to remember those very near to you in your daily lives and to pray especially for those who are your enemies. By helping lead them to the fountain of holiness, My Son, Jesus, they too can know that Salvation is the result of conversion to God and gives the promise of Eternal Life. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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