"Dear children, on this day, gravity has left its port. Many hearts have been touched by the Promise of God. Jesus has provided peace to the aged worthy. Through the Love provided by My Son, many days have been yielded Eternal Light. The Promise of Jesus has been fulfilled. Love has been returned to Love. Gift has been given in kind and Promise has been redeemed as Love. Today, My children, prayers have been received and made whole in the mighty Plan of God, through life that was created from the beauty of the Love of God. The Love of Jesus took Him to His death and made Him King of Heaven and on Earth, the same Love through which those who believe in Him will lead to days of Eternal Light. My little ones, you are offered plentiful seed which, in prayer and time, will yield the complete fruits of your natural days. Blessings from your Heavenly Mother are yours for all Eternity. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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