"My special little children, today I have come to ask each of you to respond to the Love of Jesus through your prayers. Children, the world and its ways are changed through your prayers. It is important that all of My children unite your hearts. Set your hearts to glow in the acceptance of the Love of Jesus! My little ones, if all of you light your hearts through Him, the Earth could be made to be more brilliant than the sun. The light from the sun can light only a portion. There is no night or darkness in Jesus. Children, by accepting God's Love, your hearts will be embraced with tenderness because Love is the force that gives them the rhythm of life. The energy created by a heart beating for the Love of Jesus can shake the world. By uniting your hearts for Him, you can move the world to keep it away from the grip of Satan. Sometimes, My lambs, you feel distance from Jesus because Satan has touched you on the inside. It is the will of Satan to darken your hearts and cause them to stop for his plan of terror and damnation. Keep your hearts free from Satan by keeping the guard of Jesus in them! He is always there, but you need to pray so that He can work in you. Jesus cannot ever be cast away, even by those who refuse Him. But, those who fall to Satan do not let Jesus freely show His Love in their hearts. When you accept Jesus, My children, your soul will rise to the surface of your body so that it is encased by the protection of His Love. No act of evil can penetrate a soul that is filled with Jesus Christ. Please, receive Him, little ones, in your heart and soul! Go to His house often to take Him in. Find Him in your brothers and sisters as He is present in yourselves. I pray, children, that you will know that Jesus is your only way to Eternal Life and to be made free from the deadening forces of Satan. I am always here to love you and pray for you because you are My blessed children. Thank you for accepting the Love of Jesus. I come close to those who pray to receive Him. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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