"My dear little Easter lilies, your loving Mother has come around you today to thank you for choosing to make prayer a part of your lives. Please always remember how important it is to remain whole in the eyes of Jesus. Please, children, live your lives to their fullest and always be happy. Your Heavenly Mother is always with you to bring you the Love of your Savior. I love you and pray for you so that you will be protected from Satan and kept worthy of Salvation and Eternal Life. My special ones, your lives and activities are changing so that you can be stronger and more aware of God's great and mighty plan. Today, I have bestowed a gift to share upon an obedient child who rests in good favor, one among you to whom I will return on the days of Sabbath, Feast, and those made Holy. Please read and live My messages, as they are new every day. You are all in My Heart and prayers forever because I love you. The gift of the rainbow is a very small vision of the graces I plan to bestow on each of My special children when the just and due season has arrived. Thank you for loving My Son as He loves you and as I love you. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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