"My dear children, your Heavenly Mother has come to you today to shower Her rays of Love down upon those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior, anchor, and steadfast harbor. Many loving hearts for Jesus sent great flowers to My Immaculate Heart, today. I have brought the Face of My Son to show the conviction of His Love and My Love for those who have opened their hearts to Him. My special children, many of your brothers and sisters see their relationship with Jesus as though they are passing in the night on the waters. Jesus is the only vessel, the captain, the level to be sought for sanctity and harbor. Your love for Jesus and for each other cannot pass in the night, but must be dayborn and lighted, spoken and felt, and heard to be received. My little ones, there are those who are spinning themselves into a cocoon to shut Jesus out of their lives, an act that will not result in beautiful flight. Pray, children, that your spins will be outward and upward, so that the beauty in you can be free on its day of release as on its heartfelt day of conception, that of the admission of Jesus in your hearts. Oh, My little lambs, your special thoughts, wishes, and prayers are always heard in Heaven! When you are letting Love move your spirit, you will always move and change the shape of Heaven. I pray for you, little ones, so that you can change the shape of Heaven to allow room for your souls! My Love comes to you in many ways, not all of which you readily see or hear. Please know, children, that each new day, you see the Light of God as a blessing to you and it is the Will of My Son that you see very much Light in your lives. My Son makes His Face shine upon those in His Heart and I come around all of My special children who have the hope of Eternal Life in their hearts. I pray that you will be a leader and a receiver of the Light of the Love of My Son. Thank you for praising Him. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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