"Dear children, today I invite you to share the Passion of My Beloved Son, Jesus, and to feel the warmth of His Mercy in your hearts. I have granted My heavenly cloak to you today to bring you a special Love, as through a flask, to intensify it and deliver a special direction of grace to My little children who show their love for My Son. Dear children, on these days of God's miracle, please pray to convert all human hearts to Jesus. His sacrifice and Promise are at hand to those who receive His Sacred Heart. Be at His stations for Him, as He is at His station for you! As He bore His Cross of Love for you, children, you are given crosses to bear. He will be with you to help you carry your crosses when you pray to receive it through Him. I am with you, children, as I was with Jesus, to help you carry your crosses. I pray for you as I prayed for Him in His Passion and Death. My little lambs, the Glory yet to come to your lives is great and mighty. Your prayers and faithful living of the Commandments of God are your shield against the forces of Satan and will lead you to sanctity and acceptance in the eyes of Jesus. Turn your faces and your prayers to Me and to the heavens! Ask for pardon and peace, little ones. You will receive it because My Son loves you. Turn your hearts, children, to loving all of God's Creation and you will be made worthy of His Promise. Dear children, Easter is such a special time for human souls. It is a turning- point for all of My children. Now is the time for every child to convert their heart to accept Jesus! His victory over the grave made way for your victory into Eternal Life in Heaven. Today, little ones, I ask that you continue to pray and to remember that, since Jesus is alive and loves you, there is always hope in your lives. There is hope for your resurrection! There is Promise for Salvation and eternal happiness. All Jesus asks, children, is that you love. Live Love. I will help you to be brought to Jesus. I intercede for you. I ask you to live My messages and understand that I come to you as a part of God's Will to bring you Light toward His Mighty Plan. Those who have been chosen for tasks are given graces, and only a small amount of the graces which are about to be bestowed on all of My children who pray to love God and to hear Me and will to accept the Love of Jesus. I pray that you will do what I ask and understand that the Divine Plan of God is on His course. Thank you, children, for praying and loving. Thank you for knowing that Jesus loves you and wants to save you from damnation. He is with you always, and I hold you in My Heart always. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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