"Dear little one, today I have called you here to be at one with yourself and one with Jesus in you. The Lord and Savior of the world has risen from His grave today so that all of His children can seek and attain Eternal Life in Heaven. Your heart, My child, has been under render lately. Many have been your trials and disappointments, and many more will there be. You must tell My other children, little lamb, of the rising of the sun and of My Son that you have witnessed on this day. I give you your rendered heart for you to share with My other children, especially with the special one whom you need to achieve My task for you. Please remember that blessings are given to those who choose to accept and do the Will of God. There are many lost children in the world. Tell them, little one, that there is a bounty rich in joy and happiness in the offing by deciding to tender their hearts and souls to Jesus Christ! Tell them now, My lamb! Tell them that to be saved is to be at one, like you have become. Give them your new heart to feel and share. Show them how to love by showing them Love. All of My children can be loved by loving, can be trusted by showing trust, can be healed by healing, and can be blessed by giving blessings to others. Tell them, little child, that Light can be brought by being a lamp, peace can come to those who live in peace, and Salvation will come to those willing to share in the News of My Son's victory over death! Let all of My children know that Jesus can be received in His Eucharist. His Body and Blood are His constant memory of His Life, Death, and Life. Little child, you must reflect Love as you see reflection of light off the shores. A shining star can be a beacon to many who will follow that lead to others. Please help My children fill the Earth with the twinkles of faith for Jesus in the way that the heavens twinkle in the reflection of the sun. Darkness can always be made to be greater light with an intensity of reflections for the Love of Jesus Christ. Your Heavenly Mother is veiled in happiness today because Jesus has conquered mortality to help you conquer mortality. Please tell My other children to pray and seek conversion, to remain as one body in prayer, to live and remember My messages, and to always keep hope during darkness and despair because of the Love given by your newly risen Savior, Jesus Christ. Become one, children, by praying as one and living the Love of God as one! Oh, little lamb, go home and tell your brothers and sisters that the world needs God more now than ever before! Many eyes are closed to the needs of the children of the world. Pray and work together, and feel passion for humanity as Jesus showed passion for humanity, through an unending Love for it. Let My children know that there can never be an emptiness to Love or an answer of no. Love is only yes to all which is good and right in the eyes of God. Children, touch the lives of others every day through prayer and the good use of your resources given to you by God. Your blessings and graces will be many. Jesus is risen, children, and alive! He is with you every day to help you live your lives, carry your crosses, and know that through Him you will be awarded the Kingdom of Heaven. I pray for you so that you will remain strong, healthy, happy, and full of Life and Love. On this special day of new beginnings for all My children, I share the hope of My Son that each heart will be open to allow Him to enter. Thank you for living your faith in Jesus and for keeping hope in your hearts through that faith. With the Love of Jesus, I bless each one of you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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