"Dear children, the Mercy of My Son, Jesus, is the greatest power that you should seek for the consolation of peace, reconciliation, and the great source of power in the Plan of Eternal Salvation. The Mercy of Jesus is a Divine Mercy because it is of God and from God, given to those who are penitent and have the will to convert. My special children, your Heavenly Mother wishes that you would arrange your lives so that you can be made comfortable in your requests for the Mercy of My Son. The Mercy for which you seek is given to you because Jesus loves you, and He wishes that you love Him and each other while remembering the Passion which He suffered out of His Love for you. Bringing yourselves to the Adoration of Jesus and humbly asking for His pardon provides the graces through which you will be granted Mercy. All of the graces which you have received and will receive are from the Glorious and Divine Mercy of Jesus, who suffered and died for you on the Cross. My special children, it is the Plan of Jesus that you will accept Him so that your mortal lives can be made full of harmony, peace, and happiness, and that you will live your lives in the knowledge that the fulfillment of the Promise of Jesus is real and forever. The faith that you show, children, is the faith upon which your Eternity in Heaven is founded. You are only seeing your human side of Eternity, and it is God's Plan that you be holy and happy with it. Life is a gift from God. Each of My children has been given a life to be lived for happiness out of love for Jesus and with the knowledge that His Mercy is all-powerful. You can depend on Jesus' Mercy to rid you of guilt, sorrow, grief, and sadness. It is a redeeming and forgiving Mercy. My special children, the prayers which you raise today are heard. Your petitions and requests are given special and individual attention by My Son and by Me. I bid you all to remember the peace that is brought to your lives through the Passion of Jesus, His Love for each of you, and the peace that He brings to your lives. I pray for you, little ones, that you will always be in My prayers. I love each of you as My special children. My Motherly Love is very strong and open. My Heart will receive all of My children who come to receive it. Please remember, children, during this time, Easter time, that Jesus' Passion and Mercy are your keys to happiness. Remember always that each prayer is received from each individual sincere heart and given holy promise and answer. Thank you for being My obedient children! Thank you for loving My Son, your Savior! I bless you in His Name every day! Thank you for having responded to My call."

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