"My beautiful children, I have come in peace to where there is peace. Your Heavenly Mother has been attracted to the Light of your prayers on this night of Our Lord in the same way as your eyes are drawn to the stars above you. Children, it is today that we celebrate the Lord in His power to come to mankind as I have come to you. All over the world today, My special ones, followers of Jesus and His Word are remembering the beauty of Love between God and humankind, which is as beautiful as your hearts in the peace of this night. The Love that is being shared in prayer around My feet is reflected and sent to those in the world who need it to be close to My Son. As you kneel at My feet, little ones, I give each of you a special blessing in the Glory and honor of His Name. I ask that each of you pray today especially for the sanctity and beauty of human Life. It is a great gift from God, which is being destroyed and perverted all over the world! My children, everyday that your prayers are lifted helps to provide peace to other hearts and lives. The time which you spend in prayer is the most valuable use of it and the greatest effort of your energy. That is what makes this night so beautiful, children! It is beautiful because you are in it and you are praying in it! Your Mother is asking that you continue to pray that all of My children will say 'yes' to Jesus. I said 'yes' so you can say yes! I have asked some of My children to help lead you in walking in the beauty of My Son's Creation. You are surrounded by a freshly unfolding spring. Enjoy the beauty of nature as it is a gift for you and God's prayer for you as you pray to Him. Children, I ask that you remember the Passion of Jesus as this new season blooms. Remember your brothers and sisters and all of their suffering, and help them to be brought to prayer as you have been brought to prayer. I am with you today and always to give you My Love and the Love of Jesus. With all of the power of that Love, I bless each one of you, that you will know the fullness of peace. Thank you for being My obedient children and gathering in prayer with Me today. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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