"My dear children, thank you for coming inside this blessed home with Me to praise the honor and Glory of My Son. You are all My beautiful children! Your faith has traveled this distance of ages as well as the distance of miles on this day. My little children, your Mother is calling you to remember the Passion of My Son, Jesus, in your daily prayers. It is His Passion, My children, that you will know gives you the grace of forgiveness and Mercy. Please pray on this day for many of My children who are weak in faith. My scent has been delivered to many children tonight to allow them to share the grace of My presence. The prayers that you offer in the Name of Jesus touches My Heart, which is so full of Love for all of My special children. I ask, little ones, that you pray My Memorare with your hearts so that you will remember that I am always here for you in your time of need. I pray for you when you are of weaker faith, when you are ill, when sadness and grief are abundant in your lives, and when your hearts are heavy from the burdens of your days. My special little children, you must remember that My Son, Jesus, is your rest and safety during your daily lives of labor. His Love is your support and strength to bring you peace and strength. Soon the world will celebrate His return to Our Father where He is awaiting the conversion of all of His children. (We are about to celebrate the Feast of the Ascension.) Be mindful, My little ones, of the miracle which God has bestowed on all those who believe in His Son. You are promised an Eternity of happiness and Salvation from pain. Your Mother is allowing each of My special children to receive more graces as time passes. These graces are bestowed for the Glory of My Son and for the good of the faith of the world. Please remember, My children, that these graces are also given to all those who will receive them so that the faith of those beside can know and feel the warmth and Love of Jesus and the Motherly care and Love that flows from My Immaculate Heart to each one of My special children. Many children have been given the grace of My coming to them in a special way, unlike that of many others. Children, please keep praying! Please keep seeking the conversion of all of God's children in your prayers. Remember those who are in sin and far from the Love of Jesus and unwilling to accept the mighty God's Plan for Salvation in Eternity. My special ones, I have come to help lead you to My Son because each one of you is so special to Me. I love you in a strength that you have never seen before in your lives. Please help Me share this Love with My other children through your prayers. My intercession is possible because of so many special prayers. I am the Queen of Peace! I come to this house tonight to give you My peace and My blessing. The warmth of the Love in friendship fills My Heart with joy! Children, you are all so special for praying together for the Glory of My Son. I bid you all to strike your breasts with the water Blessed in the Name of Him as I give each of you My special blessing and promise that I will always love you and pray for you, that your petitions will be delivered into the hands of Glory! My little lambs, many prayers are being answered tonight. I feel the sincerity of the prayers as they are raised from your hearts. Please remember that it is through this sincerity that the world is changed and made better, that the poor are fed and the naked are clothed, those filled with sin are made holy, those whose souls reside in Purgatory are released to the eternal happiness of Heaven, and your faith is strengthened to give your hope for Eternal Life a firm foundation. Thank you, children, for your sincerity and love for Jesus. His Love is majestic, mighty, and magnificent, and through His Love you are made truly worthy to receive Him. Please, children, render yourselves worthy at all times to receive Jesus. Remain penitent, pure of heart, and sincere, and Jesus will make you again whole and worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. Children, Heaven is the beautiful place that you have been promised because of the Love of God. It is yours for the asking and receiving when you accept Jesus as your One Almighty Savior and Redeemer. The only cost for the Love of Jesus is an open heart! Open your hearts, children, through your prayers. We will pray together, little ones, for the Salvation of your souls and for your happiness in life. Thank you for being My obedient children whom I love so much. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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