"My beautiful children, your Heavenly Mother is pleased to see so many faithful ones gathered in the Name of My Son. Children, when you glorify Jesus, you also glorify your sanctity, wholeness, safety, and Eternity. Always remember that My Son is with you because He loves you! It is God's Plan that all of His children be offered the Kingdom of Heaven, and that is why I have come to you today. One more of you will be able to receive Me in the next month as I come to help you spread the Good News of Jesus as a part of God's Plan. My little lambs, I ask that each of you prepare yourselves for the coming of Jesus. He will return to make judgement of every person based on their life of the Commandments of God. Keep yourselves holy and remain penitent and humble and you will be made more worthy to receive My Son. I have come today to offer My blessing to you for living the Word of God and living My messages. You must all pray, fast, do penance, and convert to the Life that Jesus is asking you to lead. You were born to the world out of the Love of God, and you will be born into Heaven out of that same Love when you will to accept Jesus as your only Redeemer. Open your hearts, children! Let Jesus come into your heart and He will make you fulfilled with His Love and peace. I am with you to help you open your hearts to Jesus. Your daily prayers will help you open your hearts! Pray for God's peace and it will come to you. Each of God's children will know when their heart is filled with Jesus. It is when to love is easy, to share and forgive feel warm, and to have sorrow for sins and awareness of forgiveness are apparent. Your prayers will fill your hearts with Jesus when you pray from your hearts. Children, you are close to Jesus when you cry for His Passion and fear Him through love for His Passion. You are worthy of the Mercy of Jesus when your hearts are filled with Him. The Life of a child whose heart is filled with Jesus is filled with happiness, purity, and peace. It is easy to be charitable when you love Jesus, and you know that to be loved is to love. This is the way to know, understand, and believe the promise of God's Plan for eternal happiness. Please continue to pray, little ones, for My Son to be with you. He will be with you when you let Him in by opening your hearts. Thank you for being My obedient children. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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