"My beautiful and special children, your Heavenly Mother has come again to you to bless you and to deliver your prayers to My Beloved Son. Little ones, you are all so special in the merciful eyes of Jesus. His Love for you is larger than the precious gift of Life, itself, which he has created. Your Mother is asking that each of you remember that your Life is precious, and an act of the Love of God. You were given Life to deliver it to the hands of Jesus, who will help you seek sanctity in it and Salvation for it. The followers of Satan are seeking to destroy Life by changing and abusing it. Precious ones, Life itself is Love itself, and to live Life is to live Love. My Son is there for you to help you with your crosses and burdens. He destroyed your sin by conquering death on the Cross so that they are forgiven of those who accept and believe in His Love and Word. Children, your days are as that of water flowing over a fall, at a steady pace and at the Will of God. The water is blessed and made holy through your prayers. Each of your streams flows into one great body in Jesus, your Savior. Without prayer, your lives, the water, will leave their path, become stagnant and stale with the dirt of indifference and sin. Prayer helps your lives to remain pure, on the path which God intended, and destined for the bonds of eternal happiness with your brothers and sisters in Heaven. The bay of happiness and peace awaits those who accept My Son, Jesus, as their only Savior. By His grace and Mercy, you are saved. My little buds, I come to you today and touch each of you with My warmth, words, and blessings in the way that God the Father has intended. I have heard your prayers and intentions with an open and gentle Heart and arms. The answer to your prayers is in your prayers! It is the Will of Jesus to answer sincere prayers from the heart, and to receive each of God's children with His Mercy. By the power of Love, each of your prayers is heard and each of your sins is forgiven. Remember, children, that prayer is the call of Jesus to seek Him. Each of you holds a special place in His Sacred Heart and My Immaculate Heart! By praying every day, you will know the Love of Jesus as it was originally given on the day of His Passion. His Love is just as strong and powerful as it ever was, and He is as alive now in Heaven as ever preparing you a place for Eternity. I am the Queen of Peace who has come to help you reach this beautiful Kingdom. Come to Me, little children, and bring Me your sorrows and prayers. I love you with the strength of the Almighty and wish for each of you to pray for peace in your souls and for love for My Son, Jesus. Thank you for receiving the Love of Jesus in your hearts. Thank you for responding to My call."

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