"The day is meant for prayer, children. Jesus is all in you, to be with you. God has made the decision to save the world from the grasp of evil. I am with My Son and waiting to receive you at His house by praying. You help heal wounds that separate yourselves from each other. Break down your divisive partitions through prayer. Today, I call the Western world to pray for your neighbors around the world. Pray for the end of famine, disease, disbelief, mediocrity, hatred, and perversion. Jesus is with you today to help you lift your prayers to the Almighty Father who loves you to no end. As My children pray together, hearts are united in Love for the cause of peace. When you are at peace, you will be closer to sanctity. Please read My messages! Peace is with you because God is with you. A heart full of Love is filled with peace. Your lives began with peace, which the evil forces of the world have diminished. Jesus is the restoration of your peace begotten from within you. My children, you must hold on together for there to be peace. One by one, the evil one will try to divide you. By the material forces of the world, each child is led a separate way. The many millions of people who gather today in competitive arenas to watch human activities and the millions who follow from their homes by telecommunications are being led away from Jesus during such a desperate time for the world. The conscience of the West is no larger than the West. Go to your churches to receive My Son instead of to the fields and stadiums of human frivolity! The resources of the Earth are being destroyed. To protect your physical lives, you must protect the Earth which gives you life. To protect your souls to assure Salvation, you must protect yourselves by accepting Jesus. Go to the fountain of Eternal Life and accept the quenching Love of My Son. Sing the praises of Jesus today with your beautiful voices! The Passion of Jesus was suffered out of Love for you and all those yet to come. Pray for His Mercy and you shall receive it! Where ever you walk, the calm and peace of Jesus shall be with you. Accept Him this day. Today, My children shall be given the gift of faith to share and the peace of patience. I bless you now in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of all Creation." (May 5 also) "Dear children, your Mother has opened Her arms to receive you again today. Please bring to Me all of your earthly cares and I will cast them away in the Name of My Son, Jesus, and will replace them with peace and happiness. I know, little sheep, that it is easy to get lost by going astray in your earthly world. So many of you are distracted by the teachings of a mortal existence in the nearness of the grasp of indifference and sin. My Son is the Shepherd who will gather each of you in, to lead you to Salvation. His Plan is to encircle you with Love and compassion so that you will not be lost for all Eternity. Dear little ones, there is only one Gate through which you can pass to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the Love of God and is with you for you to accept and become engulfed by. Your Heavenly Mother is asking today that you turn away from your earthly temptations and accept the Love of God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Many of My little ones believe that passion is a source of pleasure or ecstasy. Children, the true Passion of the world is composed of sorrow for the sins of all humankind. Jesus' Passion was a suffering out of Love for you, a suffering which He freely acknowledged and accepted. He died out of that same Love for you and asks that you rise with Him in the same way that He claimed Victory over His grave. Please pray that all of your brothers and sisters will come back to the fold of little lambs who have opened their hearts to allow Love to enter. My children, please follow the course set before you in God's Holy Word. Remember His Commandments and know that they help you to be brought to Salvation. Remember especially to love in the Name of Love. Your Mother is with you today and with all of the children of God all over the world to teach and guide, to listen and love, and to pray with you so that you can truly know the peace of My Son's Love and Promise. Please be obedient to My call to prayer and seek the conversion of yourselves and the world. Run into the arms of Jesus and He will embrace you with His care. I will help you to be received by Jesus because I am your Heavenly Mother and I love you as a fragrant rose loves light and warmth. Thank you for following your Good Shepherd to your land of Salvation. Please receive My Blessing in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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