"Dear children, your Heavenly Mother has come today to bring you My Love and peace and to help you in your struggle against evil. I ask each of you to take My hand and I will deliver you to the arms of Jesus so that you will know His true peace and His gift of the Promise of Salvation. Little ones, each of you must be stronger in your struggle against the hand of Satan. There is no evil which is not created by him. He invades the very fibre of your precious hearts. You must know children, that all of the coldness, bitterness, and violence in the world are brought through his works. I have come to you to ask you to pray with Me so that the darkness of the world can be lifted through the Light of My Son. Your Mother is telling you that you can never be at peace until you accept the Love of Jesus. The fate of your hearts and souls rests in His Hands. My Son is Love, which is the worst enemy of evil. When you pray, little ones, you will receive Love and it will always be with you. At times, you are distracted from Love through the blindness and temptation of sin. When you accept Jesus, you will be delivered from sin. Children, you must know that without sin, evil will perish. Through prayer it will be turned to clay and will wash to the bottom of the seas to be consumed in emptiness and nonexistence. Through your love for each other, evil will be destroyed. If you fear that your brothers and sisters do not accept your love or show their willingness to return it, My Son will give it to them for you when you pray to Him. Please remember, My special children, that Satan is a coward who will not come where Love is. You must be strong in your love because evil is aggressive where there is weakness in heart and faith. Temptation will feed on the frail and restless. Your Mother has come to tell you that Jesus will not allow peace to be destroyed. Please pray, children, to accept the defense of the Love of Jesus. I ask that each of you accept Him in your hearts now because time is passing and now is the time to be obedient to My call. Thank you for being My special children. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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